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Re: Copyright years for new old ports (Re: Ping^6: contribute Synopsys Designware ARC port)

Quoting Jakub Jelinek <>:

On Wed, Oct 02, 2013 at 06:05:14AM -0400, Joern Rennecke wrote:
From my understanding, the condition for adding the current Copyright year
without a source code change is to have a release in that year.  Are we
sure 4.9.0 will be released this year?

We are sure we don't want 4.9.0 to be released this year ;)

>Because GCC has switched to Copyright year ranges, in fact all the Copyright
>lines should be either 2013, or firstyear-2013.

The way I recall the argument is that the releases we make allow us to add
a copyright year without a source code change, and because files on trunk
are included in a release at least once a year, you can fill in a range for
their stay within trunk. However, this port hasn't been in the FSF gcc trunk till now, so what we have at this moment are the lists of years when the code
was prepared.

But, all the other files in gcc/ are now someyear-2013, new files added
are also 2013, if you make your files someyear-2011 or similar, then I think
the scripts won't easily adjust it to someyear-2014 when we run the script
early in January 2014.

So, should I add 2014 now?  That would be no more speculative than adding
the current year at the start of the year in anticipation of a release that
year.  Or put something in my Calendar to do it in 2014?
Or should I backport the port into the gcc 4.8 branch, so assuming we still
make another 4.8.x release this year, there is justification to add the 2013

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