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Re: Copyright years for new old ports (Re: Ping^6: contribute Synopsys Designware ARC port)

On Wed, Oct 02, 2013 at 06:05:14AM -0400, Joern Rennecke wrote:
> From my understanding, the condition for adding the current Copyright year
> without a source code change is to have a release in that year.  Are we
> sure 4.9.0 will be released this year?

We are sure we don't want 4.9.0 to be released this year ;)

> >Because GCC has switched to Copyright year ranges, in fact all the Copyright
> >lines should be either 2013, or firstyear-2013.
> The way I recall the argument is that the releases we make allow us to add
> a copyright year without a source code change, and because files on trunk
> are included in a release at least once a year, you can fill in a range for
> their stay within trunk.  However, this port hasn't been in the FSF gcc trunk
> till now, so what we have at this moment are the lists of years when the code
> was prepared.

But, all the other files in gcc/ are now someyear-2013, new files added
are also 2013, if you make your files someyear-2011 or similar, then I think
the scripts won't easily adjust it to someyear-2014 when we run the script
early in January 2014.


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