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Re: [patch] Move some prototypes out of tree-flow.h

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 5:18 PM, Andrew MacLeod <> wrote:
> This patch moves 5 sets of prototypes out of tree-flow.h and creates 4 new
> header files.
> I then  #include the new header files from tree-flow.h as a temporary
> measure until all prototypes have been cleared up. then as previously
> discussed, I will revisit all the #includes *of* and *within* tree-flow.h to
> get it and the .c files down to the basics required.   I suspect this will
> then expose more functions that should be shuffled. This time around I'm
> only shuffled what really needed shuffling for compilation.
> all files now list all the exports within a file.
> tree-cfgcleanup.h: new file. pretty basic.. just moved the prototypes.
> tree-dfa.h: new file. Add the prototypes, and moved
> get_addr_base_and_unit_offset_1 from tree-flow-inline.h.   its related
> funcitons were in tree-dfa.c so I just left them all there for now.
> tree-pretty-print.h: This file already existed, but some of the prototypes
> were in tree-flow.h for some reason. It also contained a prototype for a c
> front end debug routine which isn't used anywhere, so I deleted that.
> tree-into-ssa.h: Another new file, moved the prototypes out of tree-flow and
> there were bunch of debug prototypes ni the .c file itself. I moved those to
> the header file for clarity.
> gimple-low.h: The final new file. Moved the prototypes here.
> gImple-low.c: I moved try_catch_may_fallthru() and block_may_fallthru() to
> tree.c... there are gimple versions in gimple-low.c already, and it turns
> out that block_may_fallthru() is called from the c++ front end.. so it
> doesn't belong in gimple.c. The prototype is already in tree.h anyway.
> a few .c files required adding tree.h to the include file to pick up bits
> that moved due to the reshuffling. mostly uses of enum tree_code in
> tree-pretty-print.h.  eventually, all the .c files ought to include tree.h
> directly.  I'll tak care of that to some degree when tree-flow.h is finally
> sorted out.
> Bootstraps on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and no new regressions.  OK?



> Andrew

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