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Re: [google gcc-4_8] alternate hirate for builtin_expert

This patch improves linux kernel performance with a large workload, so
it is good to first submit this to trunk and backport it.



On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Jan Hubicka <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Current default probably for builtin_expect is 0.9996.
>> This makes the freq of unlikely bb very low (4), which
>> suppresses the inlining of any calls within those bb.
>> We used FDO data to measure the branch probably for
>> the branch annotated with builtin_expert.
>>                                                          For google
>> internal benchmarks, the weight average
>> (the profile count value as the weight) is 0.9081.
>> Linux kernel is another program that is heavily annotated
>> with builtin-expert. We measured its weight average as 0.8717,
>>                                               using google search as
>> the workload.
> This is interesting.  I was always unsure if programmers use builtin_expect
> more often to mark an impossible paths (as those leading to crash) or just
> unlikely paths.  Your data seems to suggest the second.
> We probably also ought to get analyze_brprob working again. It was always
> useful to get such a data.
>>     This patch sets the alternate hirate probability for
>> builtin_expert
>> to 90%. With the alternate hirate, we measured performance
>>                                               improvement for google
>> benchmarks and Linux kernel.
>>                               -Rong
>> 2013-09-26  Rong Xu  <>
>>       * params.def (DEFPARAM): New.
>>       * params.def: New.
>>       * predict.c (tree_predict_by_opcode): Alternate
>>         probablity hirate for builtin_expect.
> This also seems resonable for mainline.  Please add a comment
> to the parameter explaining how the value was determined.
> Please also add invoke.texi documentation.
> For patches that seems resonable for mainline in FDO/IPA area,
> i would apprechiate if you just added me to CC, so I do not lose
> track of them.
> Honza

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