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Re: [PATCH] Sanitize block partitioning under -freorder-blocks-and-partition

> > As for COMDAT merging, i would like to see the patch.  I am experimenting
> > now with a patch to also privatize COMDATs during -fprofile-generate to
> > avoid problems with lost profiles mentioned above.
> >
> Do you mean you privatize every COMDAT function in the profile-generate?
> We discussed this idea internally and we thought it would not work for
> large applications (like in google) due to size.

Yes, Martin and I plan to test this on firefox.  In a way you already have all
the COMDAT functions unshared in the object files, so the resulting binary
should not be completely off the limits.  But I do not have any quantitative
data, yet, since we hit bug in constant folding and devirtualization I fixed in
meantime but we did not re-run the tests yet.

> > As for context sensitivity, one approach would be to have two sets of
> > counters for every comdat - one merged globally and one counting local
> > instances.  We can then privatize always and at profile read in stage
> > just clone every comdat and have two instances - one for offline copy
> > and one for inlining.
> >
> In my implementation, I also allow multiple sets of COMDAT profile
> co-existing in one compilation.
> Due to the auxiliary modules in LIPO, I actually have more than two.

How does auxiliary modules work?
> But I'm wondering how do you determine which profile to use for each
> call-site -- the inline decision may not
> be the same for profile-generate and profile-use compilation.

My suggestion was to simply use the module local profile for all inline sites
within the given module and the global profile for the offline copy of the
function (that one will, in the case it survives linking, be shared across
all the modules anyway).

I think this may work in the cases where i.e. use of hash templates in one
module is very different (in average size) from other module.
I did not really put much effort into it - I currently worry primarily about
the cases where profile is lost completely since it gets attached to a function
not surviving final linking (or because we inline something we did not inlined
at profile time).

As for context sensitivity, we may try to consider developing more consistent
solution for this.  COMDAT functions are definitely not only that may exhibit
context sensitive behaviour.
One approach would be to always have multiple counters for each function and
hash based on cbacktraces collected by indirect call profiling instrumentation.
In a way this is same path profiling, but that would definitely add quite some
overhead + we will need to think of resonable way to represent this within

How do you decide what functions you want to have multiple profiles for?


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