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Re: [PATCH v4 12/20] convert the Fortran front end to automatic dependencies

Tom Tromey wrote:
This convert fortran.

Looks good to me, but I am not really a built-system expert. Hence, I wouldn't mind if also Paolo glances at the patch â

Thanks for the nice patch series!


It renames gfortranspec.o to fortran/gfortranspec.o, for uniformity
and to allow removing an explicit rule.

	* (fortran_OBJS): Use fortran/gfortranspec.o.
	(gfortranspec.o): Remove.
	(CFLAGS-fortran/gfortranspec.o): New variable.
	($(F95_PARSER_OBJS), fortran/openmp.o, GFORTRAN_TRANS_DEPS)
	(fortran/f95-lang.o, fortran/scanner.o, fortran/convert.o)
	(fortran/frontend-passes.o, fortran/trans.o, fortran/trans-decl.o)
	(fortran/trans-types, fortran/trans-const.o, fortran/trans-expr.o)
	(fortran/trans-stmt.o, fortran/trans-openmp.o, fortran/trans-io.o)
	(fortran/trans-array.o, fortran/trans-intrinsic.o)
	(fortran/dependency.o, fortran/trans-common.o, fortran/resolve.o)
	(fortran/data.o, fortran/options.o, fortran/cpp.o)
	(fortran/scanner.o, fortran/module.o): Remove.

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