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[PATCH v4 00/20] resurrect automatic dependencies

Here is version 4 of my series to resurrect automatic dependencies for
GCC.  Version 3 is here:

This version has a few changes.

First, I believe I've addressed all of the comments in Paolo's review.
This added patch #5, to remove AM_PROG_CC_C_O and OUTPUT_OPTION.  This
also added patch #17, to convert t-i386 to automatic tracking; and
dropped the old patch #16 (to remove the last use of TREE_GIMPLE_H).

I also converted t-glibc, since I could easily test it.
This is patch #18 now.

I found another generated file that was not listed in generated_files,
so patch #2 is slightly different.

While digging through the build tree I realized that my bootstrap had
not actually built a couple of the front ends.  I found out that (1)
--enable-languages=all does not really enable all languages, and (2)
that --disable-static is incmopatible with bootstrapping Go (bug

After fixing my bootstrap script I found that I needed a small change
to patch #4 to make the .Po files end up in the correct directory for
Go.  See the commentary there for details.

Finally, patch #15, the one that removes the bulk of the existing
dependencies, changed in the usual way, namely the dependencies have
changed on the trunk, so the patch looks a bit different while being
functionally identical.

I believe the remaining patches are all the same.


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