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Re: Fwd: [PATCH] Scheduling result adjustment to enable macro-fusion

> You disable fusion for Budozer here sinze you did not add it into

Ok, will add it.

> plus an macro TARGET_FUSE_CMP_AND_BRANCH that chose corresponding variant based
> on TARGET_64BIT rather than having to wind down the test in every use.

Ok, will fix it.

>> +/* X86_TUNE_FUSE_CMP_AND_BRANCH_SOFLAGS: Fuse compare with a
>> +   subsequent conditional jump instruction when the condition jump
>> +   check sign flag (SF) or overflow flag (OF).  */
>> +DEF_TUNE (X86_TUNE_FUSE_CMP_AND_BRANCH_SOFLAGS, "fuse_cmp_and_branch_soflags",
>> +          m_COREI7 | m_COREI7_AVX | m_HASWELL)
> This flag is affecting only fuding of ALU and BRANCh or should it also affect
> X86_TUNE_FUSE_CMP_AND_BRANCH?  In current implementation it seems to be the first
> and in that case it ought to be documented that way and probably
> called ALT_AND_BRANCH_SOFLAGS to avoid confussion.

X86_TUNE_FUSE_CMP_AND_BRANCH_SOFLAGS is not affecting fusing ALU and
BRANCH. It is added because m_CORE2 doesn't support fusing cmp and

> This is what Agner Fog says:
> A CMP or TEST instruction immediately followed by a conditional jump can be
> fused into a single macro-op. This applies to all versions of the CMP and TEST
> instructions and all conditional jumps except if the CMP or TEST has a
> rip-relative address or both a displacement and an immediate operand.
> So it is a bit more weird.  Perhaps you can extend your predicate to look
> for IP relative addresses & displacements of CMP and TEST, too.
> Honza

Thanks for checking it. Agner's guide also mentions this constraint
for sandybridge, ivybridge.... I missed it because Intel optimization
reference manual doesn't mention it. I did some experiment just now
and verified the constraint for sandybridge existed. Will add the

Wei Mi.

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