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[google, patch] Google-local version of fix for PR58312, libssp cross-compiling

Diego -

In I proposed
a patch to fix PR58312, which is that libssp when cross-compiled
assumes that vnsprintf is broken [1].  This is causing our
to be missing some symbols that are referenced by some pre-existing

The proper trunk patch from that link is going to take a good bit of
work to resolve to the point where it's ok to commit, because it needs
to handle all possible systems in an explicit list, some unknown
number of which are broken.  However, on the Google branch we only
care about glibc/Linux systems, where we know this works.

Thus, this Google-local patch addresses our immediate need in a simple
way.  Ok to commit to google/main and merge to google/gcc-4_8?

- Brooks

[1] For values of "broken" that are basically "some implementations
that predate the Posix standardization of the snprintf function return
a non-standard result when given overlength input."

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