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[PATCH]Construct canonical scaled address expression in IVOPT

For now IVOPT constructs scaled address expression in the form of
"scaled*index" and checks whether backend supports it. The problem is the
address expression is invalid on ARM, causing scaled expression disabled in
IVOPT on ARM.  This patch fixes the IVOPT part by constructing rtl address
expression like "index*scaled+base".

Hi Richard,
I thought about the suggestion constructing TARGET_MEM[.] and adding new
target hook to check whether backend supports such target memory accesses,
but still want to give this patch a try because:
1) RTL pattern "index*scaled+base" is some kind of canonical form of scaled
address expression and it works fine.
2) It won't save us any inconvenience by constructing TARGET_MEM node, on
contrary, we have to add new target hook checking whether scaled addressing
mode is supported, which in essence is nothing else than current

Also "base+index*scaled" is re-structured to canonical form
"index*scaled+base", I constructed the latter form in patch.
Bootstrapped and tested on x86_64 and arm_a15. Is it OK?


2013-09-20  Bin Cheng  <>

	* tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (multiplier_allowed_in_address_p):
	Construct canonical scaled rtl address expression.

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