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Re: [PATCH, committed] SH: Fix PR58314 (unsatisfied constraints)


On Thu, 2013-09-19 at 10:44 +0200, Christian Bruel wrote:
> Hi Kaz, Oleg,
> On 09/19/2013 01:15 AM, Kaz Kojima wrote:
> > Christian Bruel <> wrote:
> >> && (!can_create_pseudo_p () && REG_P (operands[0]) && REG_P (operands[1]))"
> >>
> >> is necessary ?
> > It looks an another hack to allow the 2nd and 3rd alternatives only
> > when reloading.  If so, it might be a bit cleaner to use a special
> > predicate like
> >
> >
> This still looks complicated to me. I have tested for sh-superh-elf and
> sh-linux the attached patch that just "fixes" the issue reported by
> Richard with no regression and absolutely no differences in code
> generation for CSIBe and a few other benches (eembc, coremark, ...). 
> The spill alternatives are correctly selected and the original PR still
> passes.
> If OK I'd like to apply it to trunk/4.8. If there is the need for an
> additional hack, How about sending it separately ?

Yeah, the move patterns probably could use some cleanup / refactoring
anyway.  I also wonder what is going to happen if LRA is used ... but
that's another story.  Have you also checked the patch for SH2A?


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