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Re: [PATCH] RTEMS: Add LEON3/SPARC multilibs

On 2013-09-18 19:37, Ralf CorsÃpius wrote:
On 09/17/2013 08:12 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
Committed to the head.

Is this too radical to also go on the 4.8 branch?
We would need to discuss it on the RTEMS side but it
only impacts us if the multilib is there for sparc-elf
on 4.8.

Not quite. The problem is not GCC-4.8 vs. GCC-4.9, the problems are in RTEMS.

Why? sparc-rtems*gccs < 4.8 doesn't support -mcpu=leon3 and thus will abort
when -mcpu=leon3 will be used.

I.e. you
a) CANNOT use -mcpu=leon3 in RTEMS's bsp_specs and in RTEMS cpukit, until the
toolchains are guaranteed to support it.

Yes, exactly.  We have to follow option a).

b) MUST backport -mcpu=leon3 to GCC-4.8

In other words, if you are sure leon3 works with GCC-4.8, you'd better off
backporting this to GCC-4.8. If there are known bugs in GCC-4.8/leon3, you'd
better of not using -mcpu=leon3 in RTEMS.

To my knowledge, GCC up to 4.8.1 doesn't support -mcpu=leon3 at all, but I
don't know about the status on current gcc-4_8-branch.


I don't expect that this will be back ported to GCC 4.8. You also need Binutils 2.24 for this.

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