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Cleanup Linux libc selection and Android support

Following recent breakage caused by adding nominal Android support to all *linux* targets [*] this patch series cleans up libc selection for Linux targets (-mglibc/-muclibc/-mbionic), splits libc selection logic from Android support, and removes Android handling from targets that don't support it.


Special thanks goes to Alexander who tested and reviewed initial versions of these patches and fixed several problems.

The patch series was tested on various Linux and uClinux targets including arm, bfin, c6x, m68k, mips, powerpc, x86, x86_64.

Patches will be posted in their separate threads, and below is a summary.  Individually the patches are all borderline trivial.

Reviews and approvals are welcome!

- 0001-Rename-files-for-libc-selection-on-Linux-targets
Mechanical rename of files in preparation for splitting Android handling from libc selection.

- 0002-Rename-functions-relating-to-libc-support-on-Linux-t
Mechanical rename of functions.

- 0003-Robustify-check-for-IFUNC-support
Trivial fix.

- 0004-Cleanup-definitions-of-libc-related-target-hooks
Consolidate definitions of libc target hooks in linux.h

- 0005-Cleanup-libc-selection-and-Android-support
Split Android handling from libc selection and remove Android handling from targets that don't support it.


Maxim Kuvyrkov

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