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Re: [v3] More noexcept -- 3rd

On 18 September 2013 17:27, Marc Glisse <> wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Sep 2013, Paolo Carlini wrote:
>> On 09/18/2013 05:51 PM, Marc Glisse wrote:
>>> In debug array, we already have throw in noexcept functions, but if I
>>> understand correctly it is only because of syntax limitations for
>>> constexpr
>>> functions and aborts before throwing, although the use of
>>> _GLIBCXX_THROW_OR_ABORT is suspicious. In any case, I am not changing
>>> this
>>> with my patch.
>> If I remember correctly, somebody invented that mild hack and suggested it
>> to indeed have a check as part of a constexpr function, not a trivial task.
>> Jon participated to that discussion. After a while I resurrected that old
>> discussion, tested the code and it appeared to work well. In practice, are
>> you experiencing specific problems with it?
> No, no problem. For some reason I thought there would be issues when the
> macro expands to __builtin_abort(), but there aren't, great.
> Any other comments on the patch? (Jon's "great" doesn't really sound like an
> "ok")

It wasn't, as I hadn't reviewed the patch at that time, but I sent
another mail with an "ok" after reading it :)

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