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Re: Generic lambda and implicit function template commits reverted

On 09/15/2013 06:22 AM, Adam Butcher wrote:
[PATCH 1/5] Fix uninitialized variables causing breakage with -Werror.
[PATCH 2/5] Don't accept 'auto' as the 'type' of a template parameter.


[PATCH 3/5] Fix location diagnostics by returning to the deprecated
         'input_location' global; must be a better fix for this.

   Don't know why 'location_of (type)' gave "<built-in>:" rather than
   "file:line:col:".  My current workaround is to return to using
   'input_location'.  This gives the correct result but I doubt it is

This seems to be because make_auto_1 sets the location of the auto type to BUILTINS_LOCATION; I don't remember why I did that. Changing it to use input_location seems appropriate.

[PATCH 4/5] Lift CALL_FROM_THUNK_P setting to above the potential
         'build_cplus_new' call to prevent ICE due to unexpected tree type.
[PATCH 5/5] Handle forward declaration of implicit function templates.
         Previously kept template parameter types in scope.



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