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[Google] Fix test failure after porting __gcov_get_profile_prefix from google/4_7

After porting r198033 from google/4_7 to google/4_8 a test case failed
with an assert when trying to take the strlen of profile_data_prefix.

In most cases this is either set from the directory specified to
-fprofile-generate=, or to getpwd when a directory is not specified.
However, the exception is when no directory is specified for
-fprofile-generate and -auxbase-strip option is used with the absolute
pathname. In that case the code does not set profile_data_prefix since
the filenames already have the full path.

In the code that sets __gcov_get_profile_prefix, the fix is to simply
check if profile_data_prefix is still NULL, and if so just set via

Passes regression tests and failure I reproduced. Ok for google branches?


2013-09-12  Teresa Johnson  <>

* tree-profile.c (tree_init_instrumentation): Handle the case
        where profile_data_prefix is NULL.

Index: tree-profile.c
--- tree-profile.c (revision 202500)
+++ tree-profile.c (working copy)
@@ -470,8 +470,11 @@ tree_init_instrumentation (void)
                           DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME (gcov_profile_prefix_decl));
       TREE_STATIC (gcov_profile_prefix_decl) = 1;

-      prefix_len = strlen (profile_data_prefix);
-      prefix_string = build_string (prefix_len + 1, profile_data_prefix);
+      const char *prefix = profile_data_prefix;
+      if (!prefix)
+        prefix = getpwd ();
+      prefix_len = strlen (prefix);
+      prefix_string = build_string (prefix_len + 1, prefix);
       TREE_TYPE (prefix_string) = build_array_type
           (char_type_node, build_index_type
            (build_int_cst (NULL_TREE, prefix_len)));

Teresa Johnson | Software Engineer | | 408-460-2413

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