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Re: gcc_GAS_FLAGS: Add more gcc_cv_as_flags overrides

On Wed, 11 Sep 2013, Thomas Schwinge wrote:

>     configure:23559: checking assembler for thread-local storage support

I don't expect anyone to work on this, but such a configure test is silly 
- it's a test where a failure is more likely to indicate the test is buggy 
than that the feature tested for is actually missing.  I think each GCC 
version should have a minimum version of GNU binutils, to be used except 
for a whitelist of targets where some other assembler/linker are known to 
be supported, and should check the binutils version number (unless 
configured for one of the special targets not to use GNU binutils) and 
fail if it's too old, but not check for assembler or linker features in 
cases where the binutils version requirement means they can be assumed.  
(If the relevant conditional code in GCC wouldn't be used anyway for the 
proprietary Unix targets with non-GNU system assembler/linker, it can be 
made unconditional.)

So only targets where TLS support was a recent addition to the GNU 
assembler, or those supporting a non-GNU assembler where TLS may or may 
not be supported, would need such a test at all.

Joseph S. Myers

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