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Re: V4 Lambda templates and implicit function templates.

On 11.09.2013 16:25, Jason Merrill wrote:
On 09/11/2013 10:42 AM, Jason Merrill wrote:
Sounds like the problem is that the compiler is trying to instantiate a function while cp_unevaluated_operand is set. But that shouldn't be an issue because push_to_top_level clears cp_unevaluated_operand. How does
it come to be set when instantiating the local variable?

Ah, I see: it's because instantiate_decl doesn't push_to_top_level
for function-local templates.  We still need to save/restore
cp_unevaluated_operand in that case, and let's also do

Great, that fixes it. Hadn't noticed it didn't happen a namespace scope.

Okay for the attached to go to trunk with suitable changelog?
diff --git a/gcc/cp/pt.c b/gcc/cp/pt.c
index 22087fb..16e57b5 100644
--- a/gcc/cp/pt.c
+++ b/gcc/cp/pt.c
@@ -18947,6 +18947,8 @@ instantiate_decl (tree d, int defer_ok,
   tree gen_tmpl;
   bool pattern_defined;
   location_t saved_loc = input_location;
+  int saved_unevaluated_operand = cp_unevaluated_operand;
+  int saved_inhibit_evaluation_warnings = c_inhibit_evaluation_warnings;
   bool external_p;
   tree fn_context;
   bool nested;
@@ -19158,8 +19160,13 @@ instantiate_decl (tree d, int defer_ok,
   nested = (current_function_decl != NULL_TREE);
   if (!fn_context)
     push_to_top_level ();
-  else if (nested)
-    push_function_context ();
+  else
+    {
+      if (nested)
+	push_function_context ();
+      cp_unevaluated_operand = 0;
+      c_inhibit_evaluation_warnings = 0;
+    }
   /* Mark D as instantiated so that recursive calls to
      instantiate_decl do not try to instantiate it again.  */
@@ -19283,6 +19290,8 @@ instantiate_decl (tree d, int defer_ok,
   input_location = saved_loc;
+  cp_unevaluated_operand = saved_unevaluated_operand;
+  c_inhibit_evaluation_warnings = saved_inhibit_evaluation_warnings;
   pop_deferring_access_checks ();
   pop_tinst_level ();

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