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Re: V4 Lambda templates and implicit function templates.

On 10.09.2013 03:19, Adam Butcher wrote:
- Instantiation of generic conversion op ICEs if the call op contains
   declarations and hasn't already been instantiated.

This is not a complete enough description. It only ICEs instantiating the call op through the decltype return of the conversion op if the return type of the call op is a deduced one (i.e. unspecified or specified explicitly as 'auto'). If the lambda call op is instantiated explicitly (i.e. the lambda is called) prior to using the conversion op then all is well. It seems to only occur if there are variables declared within the lambda body or accessible via the lambda's 'this'.

Specifically, the ICE is in tsubst_decl (cp/pt.c:10839) asserting 'gcc_unreachable' due to being 'cp_unevaluated_operand'. The instantiation chain starts from attempting to 'mark_used' the call op in the decltype expression.

The same ICE can be caused in user code by attempting to take get decltype of a generic lambda call having a deduced return type and declarations:

This is fine:

   auto f = [] <typename T> (T) {};
   decltype (f (4.f)) *p;

This is not; it ICEs doing 'tsubst_decl' on the declaration 'x'.

   auto f = [] <typename T> (T) { int x; };
   decltype (f (4.f)) *p;

The conversion op is clearly not a factor here but can be removed from the equation completely by adding a capture. The ICE still occurs. In this case it occurs trying to do 'tsubst_decl' on the capture decl 'i'.

   int i = 0;
   auto f = [i] <typename T> (T) {};
   decltype (f (4.f)) *p;

ice.cpp: In instantiation of âmain()::<lambda(T)> [with T = float]â:
ice.cpp:5:20:   required from here
ice.cpp:4:34: internal compiler error: in tsubst_decl, at cp/pt.c:10839
    auto f = [i] <typename T> (T) {};
Any ideas? Looks like it's something to do with how the call operator is defined. Is there some flag I'm missing in the generic case?


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