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Re: Cygwin x86_64 support for GCC 4.8.x

Hi Vasili,

2013/9/7 Vasili Galka <>:
> Hi Kai,
> I see. My apologies, I'm not familiar with the GCC merging policy.
> In any case, where does GCC document the list of supported
> target/host/build configurations?
> I was trying to build GCC 4.8.1 with following configuration: HOST &
> BUILD: Cygwin 64bit, TARGET=arm-none-eabi
> I ended up with successful build/install that generated runtime errors
> which I had to investigate (while same on Cygwin 32 was fine).
> So it shall be either documented that such configuration is not
> supported or (better) it shall generate a warning/error at configure stage.
> Best,
> Vasili

Why so?  A target is supported when it gets mentioned in
release-notes.   The gcc 4.8.x doesn't support that target.  There is
the 4.8.x version cygwin uses for building cygwin 64-bit.  The used
gcc version is locally patched.  You can get those patches (actual
back-merge of changes already applied to trunk plus some additions
AFAIK) by the cygwin-folk directly.


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