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Fix ipa-devirt-11.C on AIX part 2

this patch makes tree-sra to do its job in the case where function has an alias.
There were two problems; first recursion is not detected correctly and second
we did not see the callers and thus skipped the function.  Rest of tree-sra seems
to work as expected.

Bootstrapped/regtsted x86_64-linux, comitted.


	* (tree-sra.o): Update dependencies.
	* tree-sra.c: Include ipa-utils.h
	(scan_function): Use recursive_call_p.
	(has_caller_p): New function.
	(cgraph_for_node_and_aliases): Count also callers of aliases.
---	(revision 202316)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -3104,7 +3104,7 @@ tree-sra.o : tree-sra.c $(CONFIG_H) $(SY
    $(IPA_PROP_H) $(DIAGNOSTIC_H) statistics.h \
    $(PARAMS_H) $(TARGET_H) $(FLAGS_H) \
 tree-switch-conversion.o : tree-switch-conversion.c $(CONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H) \
     $(TM_H) coretypes.h $(GIMPLE_H) $(CFGLOOP_H) \
Index: tree-sra.c
--- tree-sra.c	(revision 202315)
+++ tree-sra.c	(working copy)
@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ along with GCC; see the file COPYING3.
 #include "tree-inline.h"
 #include "gimple-pretty-print.h"
 #include "ipa-inline.h"
+#include "ipa-utils.h"
 /* Enumeration of all aggregate reductions we can do.  */
 enum sra_mode { SRA_MODE_EARLY_IPA,   /* early call regularization */
@@ -1256,8 +1257,7 @@ scan_function (void)
 		      if (DECL_BUILT_IN_CLASS (dest) == BUILT_IN_NORMAL
 			encountered_apply_args = true;
-		      if (cgraph_get_node (dest)
-			  == cgraph_get_node (current_function_decl))
+		      if (recursive_call_p (current_function_decl, dest))
 			  encountered_recursive_call = true;
 			  if (!callsite_has_enough_arguments_p (stmt))
@@ -4906,6 +4906,16 @@ modify_function (struct cgraph_node *nod
   return cfg_changed;
+/* If NODE has a caller, return true.  */
+static bool
+has_caller_p (struct cgraph_node *node, void *data ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
+  if (node->callers)
+    return true;
+  return false;
 /* Return false the function is apparently unsuitable for IPA-SRA based on it's
    attributes, return true otherwise.  NODE is the cgraph node of the current
    function.  */
@@ -4949,7 +4959,7 @@ ipa_sra_preliminary_function_checks (str
       return false;
-  if (!node->callers)
+  if (!cgraph_for_node_and_aliases (node, has_caller_p, NULL, true))
       if (dump_file)
 	fprintf (dump_file,

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