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[RFC] Fix for PR58201

this is third fallout of my change to remove DECL_ARGUMENTS/DECL_RESULT for functions w/o
bodies I did not really anticipate.

Here removal of the arguments changes mangling algorithm if
set_decl_assembler_name is invoked late.  This is something I wanted to get rid
of for a long time:  we already compute assembler names for every symbol that
lands symbol table after the early cleanups for every unit that is LTOed and
every unit containing any alias directive.  I think it will make things
smoother if we computed it always early: other persistent source of problems
are same body aliases that are created as a side effect of langhook of
set_decl_assembler_name and that may happen at a time IPA code does not really
expect new functions/variables to appear.

So independently of DECL_ARGUMENTS/DECL_RESULT issues, I would like to propose the
following patch that triggers unconditional computation of DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME and the
real symbol table construction.  I already benchmarked it few months ago and the
erformance implications seems in wash.

Just to keep things linked, the other two fallouts are
 1) problem with thunks needing DECL_ARGUMENTS when they are output in gimple way
    but these are not streamed, handled by
 2) problem with variable sized arguments and return values
    "fixed" by
    (the fix restored old behaviour, but I do not think it fixes the whole issue
    as discussed in the thread and provided with another testcases that ICEs the
    compiler independently of my changes).

I would like to basically ask if it seems to make sense to go this route and
try to get rid of those declarations.

For LTO it is really nice optimization - instead of streaming 4 decls at
average for a function (function-decl, result-decl and parm-decls), we need
just one. This change was originally motivated by memory analysis of firefox
WPA build where PARM_DECL was the most common type of tree just after
TREE_LIST.  I also think it makes sense from backend point of view to consider
these part of the function body representation, just as DECL_STRUCT_FUNCTOIN

Even in non-LTO we save a lot of decls for all the external declarations that
are kept in memory.

I would be willing to try to analyze/fix the issues if they appear and I tried
quite curefuly to examine the existing code dealing with arguments. There
are obviously interesting scenarios, like this mangling issue, I missed.

If this does not seem to make sense, I will prepare patch to revert the changes.
If it does, I will commit those fixes and hope things will stabilize quickly.


	* cgraphunit.c (analyze_functions): Populate assembler names once done
	with early unreachable function removal.

Index: cgraphunit.c
--- cgraphunit.c	(revision 202199)
+++ cgraphunit.c	(working copy)
@@ -1074,6 +1086,7 @@
   bitmap_obstack_release (NULL);
   pointer_set_destroy (reachable_call_targets);
   ggc_collect ();
+  symtab_initialize_asm_name_hash ();
 /* Translate the ugly representation of aliases as alias pairs into nice

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