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RE: [patch 4/4] -fstrict-volatile-bitfields cleanup v3: remove from defaults on all targets

On Wed, 4 Sep 2013 09:29:02, DJ Delorie wrote:
>> I fully agree with you, the current default state of
>> -fstrict-volatile-bitfields should be disabled for all targets.
> Please don't do that until gcc produces code that does the same
> things. Most of my targets rely on gcc not doing the old behavior, to
> generate correct code.
>> For portability of application code, the default should be always
>> off, unless specifically requested.
> The vendors of my targets specificially requested it be the default.
>> Even driver code rarely uses bit-fields for register access,
> People keep saying this, and people are wrong. For the targets I
> support, they *all* use bitfields for *all* the peripherals, because
> that's what's in the headers the vendor ships with each chip.

I really do respect your customer's requirements.

I do not even think about changing the default state of
-fstrict-volatile-bitfields on gcc 4.7.x or gcc 4.8.x, although
I hope that the other parts of this patch will make their way
to these old versions too.

How about this for a compromise: Let's make the
default of -fstrict-volatile-bitfields an optional
configure argument for gcc 4.9, that can be used for every
target, even for X86_64 of you want ?


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