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[patch, bz #58312] Fix libssp handling of vsnprintf for cross-compilers

Jakub et al -

The attached patch fixes bug 58312, by replacing the runtime check of
vsnprintf with a compile-time check -- which means that it now
performs the same checks for both native and cross compilers, ensuring
consistency instead of the previous behavior of just discarding some
libssp functions when cross-compiling.

I've tested this by reconfiguring (on an x86-linux cross
configuration) and confirming that it behaves as expected -- the
HAVE_USABLE_VSNPRINTF macro is defined in confdefs.h, and the
config.log has verbosity of output similar to the previous version.
(The formerly-explicit output is included as part of the AC_CHECK_FUNC

It is possible that this will enable the macro on some native
configurations where vsnprintf was present but is broken.  The effect
is simply that a few additional functions (which rely on vsnprintf)
are compiled into libssp; this seems relatively innocuous.

Jakub, I'm cc'ing you in hopes that you're a reasonably appropriate
person to review this.

Ok for trunk?

- Brooks

2013-09-03  Brooks Moses  <>

        * Replace runtime vsnprintf check with
          compile-time check.
        * configure: Regenerate.

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