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Re: [RFC] Changes to the wide-int classes

On Sun, 1 Sep 2013, Richard Sandiford wrote:

>   like to get rid of them and just keep the genuine operators.  The problem
>   is that I'd have liked the AND routine to be "wi::and", but of course that
>   isn't possible with "and" being a keyword, so I went for "wi::bit_and"
>   instead.  Same for "not" and "wi::bit_not", and "or" and "wi::bit_or".
>   Then it seemed like the others should be bit_* too, and "wi::bit_and_not"
>   just seems a bit unwieldly...
>   Hmm, if we decide to forbid the use of "and" in gcc, perhaps we could
>   #define it to something safe.  But that would probably be too confusing.

"and" in C++ is not a keyword, but an alternative token (like %> etc.).  
As such, it can't be defined as a macro, or used as a macro name in 
#define, #ifdef etc., and does not get converted to 0 in #if conditions 
but is interpreted as an operator there.  (The status of "new" and 
"delete" in this regard is less clear; see 

Joseph S. Myers

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