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Re: converting wide-int so that it uses its own type rather than hwi.

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 5:21 PM, Kenneth Zadeck
<> wrote:
> richi,
> on further thought, this is going to be a huge task.   The problem is at the
> edges.   right now we share the rep of the array with the tree-csts and rtl
> (though the rtl sharing may go away to support canonization).  So if the hwi
> rep inside of wide int changes then we will have to implement copying with
> reblocking at that interface or push the type into there and change all of
> the fits_*hwi and to_*hwi interfaces to fit this different type.

Obviously the reps of RTL and tree would need to change as well.  Yes,
I am aware of the explicit HWI references in the API - those functions would
be more complicated.

> i think i can get at least as good and perhaps better test coverage by
> changing the rep of hwi for a port.    There will also be fallout work
> there, but it will be productive, in that it is just changing code from only
> doing the hwi case to supporting all precisions.

Well, I'm not sure the fallout will be exactly small ;)

What also could improve testing coverage is to skip the fast path, thus
always go the out-of-line path even for len == 1.  Not sure if the ool path
is prepared to handle len == 1 though.


> Kenny

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