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Re: [PATCH] Convert more passes to new dump framework

>>>> Besides, we might also want to
>>>> use the same machinery (dump_printf_loc etc) for dump file dumping.
>>>> The current behavior of using '-details' to turn on opt-info-all
>>>> messages for dump files are not desirable.
>>> Interestingly, this doesn't even work. When I do
>>> -fdump-ipa-inline-details=stderr (with my patch containing the inliner
>>> messages) I am not getting those inliner messages emitted to stderr.
>>> Even though in dumpfile.c "details" is set to (TDF_DETAILS |
>>> sure why, but will need to debug this.
>> It works for vectorizer pass.
> Ok, let me see what is going on - I just confirmed that it is not
> working for the loop unroller messages either.

Found the issue. The stream was incorrectly being closed when it was
stderr/stdout. So only the dump output before the first dump_finish
call was being emitted to stderr. I fixed this the same way the
alt_dump_file was being handled just below - don't close if it is
stderr/stdout. Confirmed that this fixes the problem.

(So the real ratio between the volume of -fdump-...=stderr and
-fopt-info is much higher than what I reported in an earlier email)

Is the following patch ok, pending regression tests?

2013-08-30  Teresa Johnson  <>

        * dumpfile.c (dump_finish): Don't close stderr/stdout.

Index: dumpfile.c
--- dumpfile.c  (revision 202059)
+++ dumpfile.c  (working copy)
@@ -450,7 +450,8 @@ dump_finish (int phase)
   if (phase < 0)
   dfi = get_dump_file_info (phase);
-  if (dfi->pstream)
+  if (dfi->pstream && strcmp("stderr", dfi->pfilename) != 0
+      && strcmp("stdout", dfi->pfilename) != 0)
     fclose (dfi->pstream);

   if (dfi->alt_stream && strcmp("stderr", dfi->alt_filename) != 0


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