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Re: Make some comdats implicitly hidden

> Hi,
> On 08/29/2013 02:19 PM, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> >So my belief is that it is safe to drop those symbols from
> >libstdc++. Every program/DSO using them have to define its own
> >copy of those symbols, so I believe removing them from libstdc++
> >won't cause issues.
> Really, you should check with Jakub before proceeding. I the change
> it's Ok with him, it's Ok with me too (the other library maintainers
> should be in CC however). At minimum the baselines would need
> updating.
> If I can ask you a personal courtesy, please don't commit anything
> causing regressions, like check_abi failing, either a complete
> change, or nothing.

No worries. I do not intend to commit the patch until the check_abi issue is
discussed and solved.

(check_abi tends to be easy to miss when one checks test results by hand, but I
am trying to force myself to always use compare_tests, so hopefully I won't do
that in future)

Note that currently you will get the same abi_check failure if you try to LTO  It would be really nice if we started to do that eventually.


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