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Re: [PATCH, vtv update] Change fixed size array to a vector; fix diagnostic messages.

On 2013-08-28 12:59 , Caroline Tice wrote:

 static void
-output_set_info (tree record_type, tree *vtbl_ptr_array, int array_size)
+output_set_info (tree record_type, vec<tree> *vtbl_ptr_array)

Since this function does not modify vtbl_ptr_array, you could pass it by value.

@@ -1023,23 +1010,23 @@ register_all_pairs (tree body)

       if (flag_vtv_debug)
         output_set_info (current->class_info->class_type,
-                         vtbl_ptr_array, num_vtable_args);
+                         vtbl_ptr_array);

-      if (num_vtable_args > 1)
+      if (vtbl_ptr_array->length() > 1)
- insert_call_to_register_set (current->class_name, num_vtable_args,
+          insert_call_to_register_set (current->class_name,
                                        vtbl_ptr_array, body, arg1, arg2,
           registered_at_least_one = true;
-      else if (num_vtable_args >= 0)
+      else

You've changed the meaning of this else now. Intended? I can't tell from context.

The patch looks fine, otherwise.


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