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Add overload for register_pass


I've been working on a SH specific RTL pass and just adapted it to the
new pass handling.  One thing that bugged me was pass registration.  How
about adding an overload for 'register_pass' as in the attached patch?
Registering a pass is then as simple as:

  register_pass (make_new_ifcvt_sh (g, false, "ifcvt1_sh"),
		 PASS_POS_INSERT_AFTER, "ce1", 1);

Tested with make all-gcc.


	* passes.c (register_pass): Add overload.
	* tree-pass.h (register_pass): Forward declare it.
	Add comment.
Index: gcc/tree-pass.h
--- gcc/tree-pass.h	(revision 201967)
+++ gcc/tree-pass.h	(working copy)
@@ -91,7 +91,8 @@
   virtual opt_pass *clone ();
   /* If has_gate is set, this pass and all sub-passes are executed only if
-     the function returns true.  */
+     the function returns true.
+     The default implementation returns true.  */
   virtual bool gate ();
   /* This is the code to run.  If has_execute is false, then there should
@@ -330,6 +331,14 @@
   enum pass_positioning_ops pos_op; /* how to insert the new pass.  */
+/* Registers a new pass.  Either fill out the register_pass_info or specify
+   the individual parameters.  The pass object is expected to have been
+   allocated using operator new and the pass manager takes the ownership of
+   the pass object.  */
+extern void register_pass (register_pass_info *);
+extern void register_pass (opt_pass* pass, pass_positioning_ops pos,
+			   const char* ref_pass_name, int ref_pass_inst_number);
 extern gimple_opt_pass *make_pass_mudflap_1 (gcc::context *ctxt);
 extern gimple_opt_pass *make_pass_mudflap_2 (gcc::context *ctxt);
 extern gimple_opt_pass *make_pass_asan (gcc::context *ctxt);
@@ -594,7 +603,6 @@
 extern void ipa_read_optimization_summaries (void);
 extern void register_one_dump_file (struct opt_pass *);
 extern bool function_called_by_processed_nodes_p (void);
-extern void register_pass (struct register_pass_info *);
 /* Set to true if the pass is called the first time during compilation of the
    current function.  Note that using this information in the optimization
Index: gcc/passes.c
--- gcc/passes.c	(revision 201967)
+++ gcc/passes.c	(working copy)
@@ -1365,7 +1365,19 @@
 register_pass (struct register_pass_info *pass_info)
   g->get_passes ()->register_pass (pass_info);
+register_pass (opt_pass* pass, pass_positioning_ops pos,
+	       const char* ref_pass_name, int ref_pass_inst_number)
+  register_pass_info i;
+  i.pass = pass;
+  i.reference_pass_name = ref_pass_name;
+  i.ref_pass_instance_number = ref_pass_inst_number;
+  i.pos_op = pos;
+  g->get_passes ()->register_pass (&i);

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