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Re: [RFC] MULTILIB_COMPATIBLE option support in multilib

On Tue, 13 Aug 2013, Ilya Enkovich wrote:

> Any comments on the used approach?

You don't have any documentation (fragments.texi) in your patch.  Apart 
from that, this patch doesn't appear to do anything to engage with all the 
problems of having multiple multilibs in use at once, such as the 
inability of ld to handle multiple sysroots (so the single sysroot 
determined by SYSROOT_SUFFIX_SPEC would just get quietly used), and the 
need to get all search paths for one multilib (for libraries, and, 
separately, for headers) used before any paths for another - those paths 
may be accumulated from multiple specs rather than just a single spec, so 
I don't think anything just locally changing how specs are processed can 

Certainly a much more detailed analysis of all the search paths that are 
related to a multilib in some way, and how the driver causes the linker 
and cc1 to search in those paths, and how multiple relevant options get 
processed by the linker and cc1 after being passed to them, would be 
needed to justify that a particular patch does achieve the desired search 

Joseph S. Myers

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