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Re: [PATCH] Add a new option "-fstack-protector-strong"

Hi H.,

On Mon, 15 Apr 2013, Han Shen(沈涵) wrote:
> Hi, I'm to bring up this patch about '-fstack-protector-strong' for trunk.
> Background - some times stack-protector is too-simple while
> stack-protector-all over-kills, for example, to build one of our core
> systems, we forcibly add "-fstack-protector-all" to all compile
> commands, which brings big performance penalty (due to extra stack
> guard/check insns on function prologue and epilogue) on both atom and
> arm. To use "-fstack-protector" is just regarded as not secure enough
> (only "protects" <2% functions) by the system secure team. So I'd like
> to add the option "-fstack-protector-strong", that hits the balance
> between "-fstack-protector" and "-fstack-protector-all".

the patch has been committed, but I see that the release notes
at do not mentioned this.

Can you please add a note?  ( has
some background on our web site setup, and I am working to
consolidate all our documentation in this area -- plus I am
happy to lend a helping hand.)


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