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[PATCH, vtv update] Fix /tmp directory issues in libvtv

This patch changes where the logging file mechanism in libvtv tries to
write its log files.  Instead of trying to use /tmp, it now first
looks for an environment variable "VTV_LOGS_DIR".  If it can't find
that it looks for the environment variable "HOME".  If it can't find
that either, it uses the current directory.  This also adds O_NOFOLLOW
to the open command.  There was a request that we also use O_EXCL, but
that would cause a problem because we occasionally want to be able to
append to existing log files, and adding O_EXCL would cause that to
fail.  I also added the uid and pid to the log file names.

Is this patch OK to commit?

-- Caroline Tice

2013-08-08  Caroline Tice  <>

        * : Include stdlib.h
        (log_dirs): Remove file static constant.
        (__vtv_open_log):  Increase size of log file name.  Add the user
        and process ids to the file name. Do not put the log files in /tmp.
        Instead try to get the directory name from environment variables; if
        that fails use the current directory.  Add O_NOFOLLOW to the flags
        for 'open'.  Update function comment.

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