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Re: Go patch committed: Update libgo to 1.1.1

Am 16.07.2013 08:55, schrieb Ian Lance Taylor:
> I have committed a large patch to update libgo to the library that was
> part of the Go 1.1.1 release.  As usual, I'm not including the entire
> patch in this e-mail message, because it is too large.  I'm only
> including the changes to the files that are partially gccgo-specific.
> Bootstrapped and ran Go testsuite on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.
> Committed to mainline and 4.8 branch.

there are now a lot of empty directories. please remove.

rmdir libgo/go/exp/ebnflint
rmdir libgo/go/exp/gotype/testdata
rmdir libgo/go/exp/gotype
rmdir libgo/go/exp/inotify
rmdir libgo/go/exp/winfsnotify
rmdir libgo/go/exp/norm
rmdir libgo/go/exp/ebnf
rmdir libgo/go/exp/utf8string
rmdir libgo/go/exp/ssa
rmdir libgo/go/exp/locale/collate/tools/colcmp
rmdir libgo/go/exp/locale/collate/tools
rmdir libgo/go/exp/locale/collate/build
rmdir libgo/go/exp/locale/collate
rmdir libgo/go/exp/locale
rmdir libgo/go/exp/html/testdata/webkit/scripted
rmdir libgo/go/exp/html/atom
rmdir libgo/go/exp/cookiejar
rmdir libgo/go/old/netchan

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