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[AARCH64][Insn classification unification 1/N] Define "type" attribute for all patterns


This patch is the first of a series of patches that aim to unify instruction
classification between the ARM and AARCH64 backends.

This patch updates the definition of the "type" attribute, used in the ARM
backend, in the AARCH64 backend and defines a "type" for each AARCH64
instruction. This will allow pipeline descriptions from the ARM backend to
be also used in AARCH64.

OK for trunk?

With this patch, AARCH64 instructions will have two classifications: "type"
and "v8type". The latter, which is unique to AARCH64, is much more detailed
than "type". It will be phased out gradually by tuning the ARM "type"
attribute to eventually become the only instruction classification attribute
used in both ARM and AARCH64 backend. 

This will be done through the next set of patches.




	* config/aarch64/ (define_attr "type"): Delete.
	Include "../arm/".  Define "type" attribute for all
	* config/aarch64/ (move_lo_quad_<mode>): Update for
	attribute changes.

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