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Re: [ping] Re: [PATCH] Remove old x86 builtins from documentation

2013/7/17 Cameron McInally <>:
> Ping.
> I do realize that patches of this nature are of low priority, but I
> would really like to see it committed to save my users from tripping
> over the docs.
> Thanks again,
> Cameron
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 9:58 PM, Cameron McInally
> <> wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I'm a first time patch submitter, please be gentle. It probably goes
>> without saying, but I do not have svn write access.
>> The patch attached is related to PR38836. This patch removes the
>> following x86 builtins from the documentation:
>> __builtin_ia32_cmpnlts *
>> __builtin_ia32_loadaps
>> __builtin_ia32_loadddup
>> __builtin_ia32_loadsss **
>> __builtin_ia32_movddup
>> __builtin_ia32_pextrw
>> __builtin_ia32_pfrsqrtit1
>> __builtin_ia32_pinsrw
>> __builtin_ia32_storeaps
>> __builtin_ia32_storess
>> * Corrected the spelling of __builtin_ia32_cmpnlts. The suffix should
>> be "ss", not "s".
>> ** Corrected the spelling of __builtin_ia32_loadss. The suffix should
>> be "ss", not "sss".
>> I have run both 'make info' and 'make dvi' also. Although, 'make dvi'
>> appears to be failing with an unrelated issue in doc/libffi.dvi. I am
>> assuming that this is a known failure.
>> -Cameron

I cannot approve it but I can help cc x86 maintainer. :)

Best regatds,

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