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Re: [PATCH 3/6] Andes nds32: libgcc of nds32 porting.

Hi, Joseph,

Sorry for that we have to zip this patch.  It seems that the plaintext
revised patch is too large to be sent to mailing list due to lots of
copyright information.

And I am really sorry for that you probably kept receiving the same mail.
Somehow the this [PATCH 3/6] mail just didn't appear on mailing list archive.
So I tried several times.  Really sorry about that.

On 7/10/13 8:04 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
There are lots of files in this patch with no copyright or license
notices.  GNU policy is that every file of more than ten lines needs
copyright and license notices (with the libgcc license exception in this
case), or a notice that the file is in the public domain.

License notices should be GPLv3+exception, not GPLv2 with the old version
of the exception which you have in
libgcc/config/nds32/lib1asmsrc-mculib.S and some other files.

Thanks for the comment.  We have add GPLv3+exception for all the files.

A revised patch is provided and here is a summary:

  1. Add GPLv3+exception copyright and license notice for all
     c-isr implementation and libgcc stuff.

2013-07-24  Chung-Ju Wu  <>
	    Shiva Chen  <>

	* config/nds32 : New directory and files.

Best regards,

Attachment: 3-nds32-libgcc.v2.patch.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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