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Re: [Ping] [Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 1/5 Initial support - configury changes



On 07/02/13 19:53, Yufeng Zhang wrote:
Hi Andrew,

Please find the updated patch in the attachment that addresses your

It now builds both ilp32 and lp64 multilibs by default, with the
--with-multilib-list support remaining to provide options to turn off
one of them.

-mabi=ilp32 and -mabi=lp64 are now the command line options to use.  The
SPECs have been updated as well.


          * config.gcc (aarch64*-*-*): Support --with-abi.
          (aarch64*-*-elf): Support --with-multilib-list.
          (aarch64*-*-linux*): Likewise.
          (supported_defaults): Add abi to aarch64*-*-*.
          * Mention AArch64 for --with-multilib-list.
          * configure: Re-generated.
          * config/aarch64/biarchilp32.h: New file.
          * config/aarch64/biarchlp64.h: New file.
          * config/aarch64/aarch64-elf.h (ENDIAN_SPEC): New define.
          (ABI_SPEC): Ditto.
          (MULTILIB_DEFAULTS): Ditto.
          (DRIVER_SELF_SPECS): Ditto.
          (ASM_SPEC): Update to also substitute -mabi.
          * config/aarch64/aarch64-elf-raw.h (LINK_SPEC): Add linker script
          file whose name depends on -mabi= and -mbig-endian.
          * config/aarch64/aarch64.h (LONG_TYPE_SIZE): Change to depend on
          (POINTER_SIZE): New define.
          (enum aarch64_abi_type): New enumeration tag.
          (AARCH64_ABI_LP64, AARCH64_ABI_ILP32): New enumerators.
          (AARCH64_ABI_DEFAULT): Define to AARCH64_ABI_LP64 if undefined.
          (TARGET_ILP32): New define.
          * config/aarch64/aarch64.opt (mabi): New.
          (aarch64_abi): New.
          (ilp32, lp64): New values for -mabi.
          * config/aarch64/t-aarch64 (comma): New define.
          (MULTILIB_OPTIONS): Ditto.
          (MULTILIB_DIRNAMES): Ditto.
          * config/aarch64/t-aarch64-linux (MULTIARCH_DIRNAME): New define.
          * doc/invoke.texi: Document -mabi for AArch64.

On 06/26/13 23:59, Andrew Pinski wrote:
On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 3:33 PM, Yufeng Zhang<>   wrote:
This patch adds the configuration changes to the AArch64 GCC to support:

* -milp32 and -mlp64 options in the compiler and the driver
* multilib of ilp32 and/or lp64 libraries
* differentiation of basic types in the compiler backend

The patch enables --with-multilib-list configuration option for specifying
the list of library flavors to enable; the default value is "mlp64" and can
be overridden by --with-abi to "milp32".

It also enables --with-abi for setting the default model in the compiler.
Its default value is "mlp64" unless --with-multilib-list is explicitly
specified with "milp32", in which case it defaults to "milp32".

In the backend, two target flags are introduced: TARGET_ILP32 and
TARGET_LP64.  They are set by -milp32 and -mlp64 respectively, exclusive to
each other.  The default setting is via the option variable
aarch64_pmodel_flags, which defaults to TARGET_DEFAULT_PMODEL, which is
further defined in biarchlp64.h or biarchilp32.h depending which header file
is included.

                            biarchlp64.h         biarchilp32.h
TARGET_PMODEL             1                    2

TARGET_ILP32 and TARGET_LP64 are implicitly defined as:

#define TARGET_ILP32 ((aarch64_pmodel_flags&   OPTION_MASK_ILP32) != 0)
#define TARGET_LP64 ((aarch64_pmodel_flags&   OPTION_MASK_LP64) != 0)

Note that the multilib support in the Linux toolchain is suppressed

OK for the trunk?

I think you should not support --with-multilib-list at all.  It should
just include ilp32 multilib no matter what.  Note the linux multilib
has to wait until the glibc/kernel side is done.

+#define EMUL_SUFFIX "b"
+#define EMUL_SUFFIX ""

is broken when you supply the opposite endian option.

Also you really should just use -mabi=ilp32 and -mabi=lp64 which
reduces the number of changes needed to be done to config.gcc.

You should use DRIVER_SELF_SPECS to simplify your LINKS_SPECS.
Something like:
#define ENDIAN_SPEC "-mbig-endian"
#define ENDIAN_SPEC "-mlittle-endian"
/* Force the default endianness and ABI flags onto the command line
     in order to make the other specs easier to write.  */
    " %{!mbig-endian:%{!mlittle-endian:" ENDIAN_SPEC "}}" \
    " %{!milp32:%{!mlp64:-mlp64}}"

or rather:
" %{!mabi=*: -mabi=lp64}"

And then in aarch64-elf-raw.h:
#ifndef LINK_SPEC
#define LINK_SPEC "%{mbig-endian:-EB} %{mlittle-endian:-EL} -X \

Or using the -mabi=* way:
#ifndef LINK_SPEC
#define LINK_SPEC "%{mbig-endian:-EB} %{mlittle-endian:-EL} -X \

Andrew Pinski

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