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Re: [PATCH 5/6] Andes nds32: documentation for nds32 target.

On 7/10/13 8:11 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
Don't you have built-in functions to document as well?

You are right.
We did forget to describe built-in functions in the documentation.
Thanks for pointing out our carelessness. :)

Use "@:" (or a comma) after "i.e." in Texinfo sources.  The range "16-47"
should use an en dash (so "16--47").

Fixed accordingly.

Thanks for the review comments.  A revised patch is provided
and the issues you mentioned are fixed:
  a. Describe nds32 built-in functions.
  b. Use "@:" and "16--47"

A plain text ChangeLog is revised as well:

2013-07-12  Chung-Ju Wu  <>
	    Shiva Chen  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi (NDS32 Options): Document nds32 specific options.
	* doc/md.texi (Constraints for Particular Machines): Document
	nds32 specific constraints.
	* doc/install.texi (Cross-Compiler-Specific Options): Document
	--with-nds32-lib for nds32 target.
	* doc/extend.texi (Declaring Attributes of Functions,
	NDS32 Built-in Functions): Document nds32 specific attributes and
	built-in functions.

In addition, for your other review comments:

those are very helpful and we are now working on them.
The corresponding revised patches will be provided once we complete it.

Thank you for your great help. :)

Best regards,

Attachment: 5-nds32-documentation_revised-v1.patch
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