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Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Keep TOC register live in TLS lo_sum patterns

On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 7:08 AM, Ulrich Weigand <> wrote:
> Hello,
> the ppc64 linker performs an optimization to avoid multi-instruction
> TOC accesses in some cases:
>       /* Multi-instruction sequences that access the TOC can be
>          optimized, eg. addis ra,r2,0; addi rb,ra,x;
>          to             nop;           addi rb,r2,x;  */
> For this optimization to be valid, the TOC register r2 has to be live
> at the point of the second instruction (addi rb,ra,x), even though
> this instruction -on its face- does not use r2.  It is apparently
> the responsibility of the compiler to keep r2 live at this point
> on any such instruction (identified by using some low-part TOC
> relocation).
> There is code in that does this for "normal" accesses to
> variables in the TOC.  However, code that accesses TLS-related
> information in the TOC (GOT_TLSGD and friends) does *not* ensure
> r2 is live.
> This usually doesn't matter because r2 tends to live across the
> whole function anyway.  However, in the context of some out-of-tree
> patches I ran into a situation where this caused a bug.  Since it
> would probably be theoretically possible to run into this issue
> even with mainline GCC (and in any case fixing the problem doesn't
> have any drawbacks), I'd suggest to fix this on mainline.
> This patch adds an extra operand to the UNSPEC operands of the
> TLS-related lo_sum patterns, used to enforce keeping the TOC
> register live.
> Tested with no regressions on powerpc64-linux.
> OK for mainline?
> Bye,
> Ulrich
> ChangeLog:
>         * config/rs6000/ (""*tls_gd_low<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"):
>         Require GOT register as additional operand in UNSPEC.
>         ("*tls_ld_low<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Likewise.
>         ("*tls_got_dtprel_low<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Likewise.
>         ("*tls_got_tprel_low<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Likewise.
>         ("*tls_gd<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Update splitter.
>         ("*tls_ld<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Likewise.
>         ("tls_got_dtprel_<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Likewise.
>         ("tls_got_tprel_<TLSmode:tls_abi_suffix>"): Likewise.

This patch is okay.

Thanks, David

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