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Re: [PATCH] Teach VRP about __builtin_{ffs,parity,popcount,clz,ctz,clrsb}{,l,ll,imax} (PR target/29776)

On 05/07/13 16:01, Jakub Jelinek wrote:

Attached are two versions of a patch to teach VRP about the int bitop
builtins.  Both patches are identical for all builtins but
__builtin_c[lt]z*, which are the only two from these that are documented
to have undefined behavior on some argument (0).

The first version is strict, it assumes __builtin_c[lt]z* (0) doesn't happen
in valid programs, while the second one attempts to be less strict to avoid
breaking stuff too much.

The reason for writing the second patch is that longlong.h on various
targets has stuff like:
#ifdef __alpha_cix__
#define count_leading_zeros(COUNT,X)    ((COUNT) = __builtin_clzl (X))
#define count_trailing_zeros(COUNT,X)   ((COUNT) = __builtin_ctzl (X))
and documents that if COUNT_LEADING_ZEROS_0 is defined, then
count_leading_zeros (cnt, 0) should be well defined and set
cnt to COUNT_LEADING_ZEROS_0.  While neither gcc nor glibc use
COUNT_LEADING_ZEROS_0 macro, I'm a little bit afraid some code in the wild
might do, and it might even have its own copy of longlong.h, so even if
we've removed those COUNT_LEADING_ZEROS_0 macros for targets that
use the builtins, something could stay broken.  So, what the patch does
is if an optab exists for the mode of the builtin's argument and
C?Z_DEFINED_VALUE_AT_ZERO is defined, then it will add that value to the
range unless VR of argument is non-zero (well, it handles only a few
interesting commonly used values, for CLZ only precision of the mode
(seems right now when CLZ_DEFINED_VALUE_AT_ZERO is non-zero, it sets
it always to bitsize of the mode, and even widening or double word
narrowing expansion should maintain this property), for CTZ -1 and
bitsize).  If there isn't an optab for it, for CLZ it still assumes
it might be bitsize, for CTZ it just assumes it is undefined behavior
otherwise, because if I understand the code right, for CTZ we really could
return various values for 0 without hw support for the mode, e.g. when
CTZ is implemented using CLZ, it might return something, if we use wider
mode hw CTZ and it would return bitsize, that would be bitsize of the wider
mode etc.  I bet longlong.h only uses __builtin_c?z builtins for modes
actually implemented in hw anyway (otherwise it couldn't be used safely in
libgcc implementation of those libcalls).

Both patches have been bootstrapped/regtested on x86_64-linux and
i686-linux, which one do you prefer?


On ARM, CLZ has a defined result at zero (32). Furthermore, the ACLE specification defines (in the header arm_acle.h) __clz(n) as an intrinsic aimed at the CLZ instruction; __clz() has a defined result at 0. We want to use __builtin_clz as the implementation for __clz rather than inventing another one; but that would require the compiler to handle zero correctly.


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