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Re: List of typos.

On Sat, Jul 06, 2013 at 01:14:38PM +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> I decided to grep for all the misspelled words beginning with A from
> your list and fix the ones that were real errors. That took me an hour
> to produce this patch.  It doesn't include changes to java or fortran,
> as I don't have them checked out in my tree.  After a bootstrap and
> another review I'm going to commit most of these as obvious, but I
> don't really want to spend another ~25 hours doing the rest of the
> alphabet!  :)

I updated my list to be less noisy.

I worked how to make this more efficient. I created patch with obvious cases 
in hour. (only comments in c files though.)

This approach would benefit from scaling. I could collect sources of
more projects, then fix spelling mistakes repeated thousand times at

Also I would like to find how easily share what we train aspell for
usage in hooks. 

My original idea was to run aspell on file containing only comment which
does not work yet as I do not know how make aspell read stdin (perhaps I
will write custom frontend.).

As alternative I created program on 
that changes comments in c files in current subtree based on file 
./dictionary (content below).

Now usage is bit complicated, in subtree you want to check you need do

PATH/script/stylepp_spellcheck # collect misspells into /tmp/misspells file
cp /tmp/misspells /tmp/replace
aspell /tmp/replace # Now replace misspellings.
PATH/bin/stylepp_make_dictionary /tmp/misspells /tmp/replace > dictionary
PATH/script/stylepp_skeleton stylepp_fix_comment # now fix source tree.

dictionary used is below

abiove               above
acccepted            accepted
accees               access
acceses              accesses
accesor              accessor
accestor             accessor
accidently           accidentally
accomodate           accommodate
accompagning         accompanying
accordinly           accordingly
accout               account
accreting            accrediting
accumlator           accumulator
accummulating        accumulating
accummulators        accumulators
acessable            accessible
acknowledgement      acknowledgment
actullay             actually
acual                actual
addesses             addresses
additionnal          additional
addreses             addresses
addresse             addressee
addressibility       addressability
addressings          addressing
adjusment            adjustment
adjustement          adjustment
adjustements         adjustments
aggegate             aggregate
agggregate           aggregate
aggragate            aggregate
aggreagate           aggregate
aggreate             aggregate
aggreggate           aggregate
algoritms            algorithms
algorthm             algorithm
aligment             alignment
alignement           alignment
alignemnt            alignment
allcoated            allocated
allocatbale          allocatable
allocatoor           allocator
alltogether          altogether
allways              always
alocatable           allocatable
alocation            allocation
alogrithm            algorithm
alrady               already
alreadh              already
alredy               already
alsoneeds            also_needs
alway                always
amendement           amendment
amout                amount
analagous            analogous
analoguous           analogous
analysed             analyzed
analyser             analyzer
anway                anyway
apilogue             epilogue
appearantly          apparently
apperances           appearances
appereance           appearance
applyting            applying
appoximately         approximately
appplying            applying
approprite           appropriate
approriate           appropriate
arbitary             arbitrary
archtiecture         architecture
arguements           arguments
arguemtns            arguments
argumet              argument
aribtrary            arbitrary
arithmatic           arithmetic
aritmetic            arithmetic
arugment             argument
arument              argument
assigment            assignment
assigments           assignments
assignemnt           assignment
assignmen            assignment
assinment            assignment
associatied          associated
assotiated           associated
asssume              assume
assumpation          assumption
assumtions           assumptions
asterices            asterisks
asthetics            aesthetics
aswell               as_well
atributes            attributes
atrribute            attribute
autmatically         automatically
avaiable             available
availablity          availability
avoidpaste           avoid_paste
awrning              warning
barrer               barrier
beacuse              because
becaause             because
becacdd              because
becase               because
becasue              because
becauae              because
becaue               because
becaues              because
becaus               because
becuase              because
befor                before
beforere             before
beggining            beginning
beging               beginning
beginnig             beginning
behaviours           behaviors
benchmkar            benchmark
benefical            beneficial
beneits              benefits
benificial           beneficial
beteween             between
betweed              between
blatent              blatant
bogous               bogus
bookeeping           bookkeeping
bookkeeing           bookkeeping
bookkeeiping         bookkeeping
bookkepp             bookkeep
botton               bottom
boundery             boundary
boundries            boundaries
buidling             building
builitn              builtin
buitins              builtin's
bulitin              builtin
cachable             cacheable
cachline             cacheline
caclulated           calculated
calback              callback
calculatable         calculable
calculcate           calculate
caleee               callee
calees               callees
caling               calling
calle                callee
calll                call
calulates            calculates
camparing            comparing
cancelation          cancellation
cancelling           canceling
canonicalizations    canonizations
canonicalizes        canonizes
canonicalizing       canonizing
canot                can't
ccoutant             accountant
chache               cache
changable            changeable
chaning              changing
characeters          characters
characterised        characterized
characts             characters
charcter             character
cheching             checking
chlids               children
choicing             choosing
choosen              chosen
chould               could
chracter             character
chracters            characters
cirtcuit             circuit
cloure               closure
coalesed             coalesced
coefficent           coefficient
coefficents          coefficients
coeficients          coefficients
collationg           collation
colleection          collection
coloringh            coloring
colouring            coloring
comformance          conformance
comminucating        communicating
commutated           commuted
commutating          commuting
comnpletion          completion
comparision          comparison
comparsion           comparison
compatability        compatibility
compatibiliy         compatibility
compatibily          compatibility
compatiblity         compatibility
compications         complications
compilability        compatibility
compiliant           compliant
compination          compilation
complation           completion
completelly          completely
complette            complete
compuatation         computation
compuation           computation
computaton           computation
comventions          conventions
concantenated        concatenated
concatented          concatenated
conditoinal          conditional
conditonal           conditional
condtiion            condition
condtion             condition
condtions            conditions
condtition           condition
conervative          conservative
confict              conflict
configury            configure
consequentely        consequently
consequtive          consecutive
consistancy          consistency
consistant           consistent
consits              consists
consructor           constructor
constains            constrains
constan              constant
constraucts          constructs
constriants          constraints
constucts            constructs
containings          containing
contants             constants
contentionz          contentions
contigious           contiguous
contiguities         continuities
continguous          continuous
contoller            controller
contraints           constraints
contruction          construction
convergance          convergence
converions           conversions
converison           conversion
copmilation          compilation
copmutations         computations
copyied              copied
correspdoning        corresponding
correspending        corresponding
correspnding         corresponding
correspondances      correspondences
correspondig         corresponding
corse                coarse
counterpoart         counterpart
cpecial              special
cureful              careful
curefully            carefully
curefuly             carefully
curently             currently
curren               current
currenty             currently
curretly             currently
daclaration          declaration
dealloacte           deallocate
deapth               depth
debuging             debugging
decending            descending
declartion           declaration
decompresed          decompressed
decompressd          decompressed
decompressions       decompression's
decrese              decrease
decribed             described
decribing            describing
defaut               default
defenition           definition
defering             deferring
defintion            definition
defintions           definitions
defitions            deviations
delcarations         declarations
delimeter            delimiter
delimters            delimiter
dentifier            identifier
depdendence          dependence
depedent             dependent
dependant            dependent
dependecies          dependencies
dependecy            dependency
dependees            dependencies
dependend            dependent
depricated           deprecated
derivate             derivative
derivates            derivatives
derrive              derive
derrived             derived
descendent           descendant
descendents          descendants
desciptors           descriptors
describng            describing
descrptor            descriptor
desctructive         destructive
desination           designation
desireable           desirable
desn't               doesn't
desriptors           descriptors
destinarion          destination
determenistic        deterministic
diagnositc           diagnostic
diagnostic's         diagnostics
differnt             different
dimensonal           dimensional
dimesions            dimensions
direclty             directly
direcly              directly
dirrectly            directly
discontiguous        discontinuous
disgnostic           diagnostic
displacment          displacement
disregrad            disregard
dissappears          disappears
dissble              disable
distictly            distinctly
distingiush          distinguish
distingush           distinguish
distintions          distinctions
distribtution        distributions
distroying           destroying
documentaton         documentation
documention          documentation
doesnot              doesn't
does't               doesn't
dupliate             duplicate
duplications         duplication
dynamicaly           dynamically
easilly              easily
easilty              easily
effectiviness        effectiveness
effeect              effect
elimiante            eliminate
eliminte             eliminate
elliminate           eliminate
elliminated          eliminated
ellipsises           ellipsis
ellision             elision
elment               element
elsehwere            elsewhere
elsewere             elsewhere
elswhere             Elsinore
embeded              embedded
empiricaly           empirically
empted               emptied
emptry               empty
entires              entries
entirity             entirely
epilgoue             epilogue
epressions           expressions
erraneously          erroneously
errorneous           erroneous
erros                errors
esily                easily
esitmate             estimate
espaced              escaped
essentailly          essentially
essentialy           essentially
estabish             establish
estabished           established
evauluated           evaluated
eventaully           eventually
evertything          everything
exapnsion            expansion
excercise            exercise
exceuted             executed
excpetions           exceptions
exexutable           executable
exhaused             exhausted
existance            existence
existant             existent
exmaple              example
expaned              expanded
expectedly           expectantly
expession            expression
expexted             expected
explicilty           explicitly
explicitely          explicitly
explicits            explicit
explicity            explicitly
explict              explicit
explicte             explicate
exponentials         exponential
exponentialy         exponentially
expres               express
expresion            expression
expresssion          expressions
extaction            extraction
exteded              extended
extened              extended
exteral              external
extrapoliate         extrapolate
extrat               extract
eyesopen             eyes_open

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