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Re: RFA: patch to build GCC for arm with LRA

On 13-07-05 8:43 AM, Yvan Roux wrote:

for AArch64 it is also needed to take into account SIGN_EXTRACT in the
set_address_base and set_address_index routines, as we acan encounter
that kind of insn for instance :

(insn 29 27 5 7 (set (mem:SI (plus:DI (sign_extract:DI (mult:DI
(subreg:DI (reg/v:SI 76 [ elt ]) 0)
with the attached patch and the LRA enabled, compiler now bootstrap
but I've few regressions in the testsuite,
It seems ok to me but I am confused of the following change:

 set_address_base (struct address_info *info, rtx *loc, rtx *inner)
-  if (GET_CODE (*inner) == LO_SUM)
+  if (GET_CODE (*inner) == SIGN_EXTRACT)
+    inner = strip_address_mutations (&XEXP (*inner, 0));
+  if (GET_CODE (*inner) == LO_SUM || GET_CODE (*inner) == MULT)
     inner = strip_address_mutations (&XEXP (*inner, 0));
   gcc_checking_assert (REG_P (*inner)
                || MEM_P (*inner)

base address should not contain MULT (which you added). It is controlled by the result of must_be_index_p. So set_address_base should not have code for MULT and you need to change must_be_index_p in a way that set_address_base is not called for MULT.

gcc.c/torture/execute/fp-cmp-4l.c for instance. I was looking at these
issues before submitting  a complete AArch64 LRA enabling patch, but
as you are speaking about that...

Valdimir, for the ARM target I already had the ASHIFTRT and LSHIFTRT
addition on my side, but still had an ICE during bootstrap with LRA
when compiling fixed-bit.c (the Max number of generated reload insns
we talk about already) is it working for you ?

I did not check thumb I guess. If what you are asking about the problem you sent me about 2 weeks ago, I guess one solution would be putting

  if (lra_in_progress)
    return NO_REGS;

at the beginning of arm/targhooks.c::default_secondary_reload. LRA is smart enough to figure out what to do from constraints in most cases of when reload needs secondary_reload. In arm case, default_secondary_reload only confuses LRA.

I had no time to test this change, but it solves LRA cycling for the test case you sent me.

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