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[Ada] Detailed exception messages for aliased parameters

This patch adds code to generate two different runtime checks for aliased
parameters depending on whether switch -gnateE is in effect. The default check
raises a normal Program_Error. The detailed version points out the troublesome
formals involved.

-- Source --

--  parameter_aliasing.adb

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;

procedure Parameter_Aliasing is
   type Rec is record
      Data : Integer;
   end record;

   procedure Test (Formal_1 : Rec; Formal_2 : in out Rec) is
      Formal_2.Data := Formal_1.Data + 1;
   end Test;

   Actual : Rec := (Data => 1);

   Test (Actual, Actual);
   Put_Line ("ERROR: aliasing not detected");

end Parameter_Aliasing;

-- Compilation and output --

$ gnatmake -f -q -gnata -gnateA parameter_aliasing.adb
$ ./parameter_aliasing
$ gnatmake -f -q -gnata -gnateA -gnateE parameter_aliasing.adb
$ ./parameter_aliasing

raised PROGRAM_ERROR : parameter_aliasing.adb:16 aliased parameters

raised PROGRAM_ERROR : parameter_aliasing.adb:16 aliased parameters, actuals
  for "formal_1" and "formal_2" overlap

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2013-07-05  Hristian Kirtchev  <>

	* a-except-2005.adb, a-except.adb: Add constant Rmsg_17. Correct the
	values of all remaining constants.
	(Rcheck_35): New routine along with pragmas Export and No_Return.
	(Rcheck_PE_Aliased_Parameters): New routine along with pragmas
	Export and No_Return.
	Rcheck_PE_Duplicated_Entry_Address, Rcheck_PE_Explicit_Raise,
	Rcheck_PE_Implicit_Return, Rcheck_PE_Misaligned_Address_Value,
	Rcheck_PE_Missing_Return, Rcheck_PE_Overlaid_Controlled_Object,
	Rcheck_PE_Non_Transportable_Actual, Rcheck_SE_Empty_Storage_Pool,
	Rcheck_SE_Explicit_Raise, Rcheck_SE_Infinite_Recursion,
	Rcheck_SE_Object_Too_Large, Rcheck_PE_Finalize_Raised_Exception):
	Update the use of Rmsg_XX.
	(Rcheck_17, Rcheck_18, Rcheck_19,
	Rcheck_20, Rcheck_21, Rcheck_22, Rcheck_23, Rcheck_24, Rcheck_25,
	Rcheck_26, Rcheck_27, Rcheck_28, Rcheck_29, Rcheck_30, Rcheck_31,
	Rcheck_32, Rcheck_33, Rcheck_34, Rcheck_35): Update corresponding
	renamed subprograms.
	* checks.adb: Add with and use clause for Stringt.
	(Apply_Parameter_Aliasing_Checks): Make constant Loc visible in
	all subprograms of Apply_Parameter_Aliasing_Checks. Remove local
	variable Cond. Initialize Check at the start of the routine. Use
	routine Overlap_Check to construct a simple or a detailed run-time
	check. Update the creation of the simple check.
	(Overlap_Check): New routine.
	* exp_ch11.adb (Get_RT_Exception_Name): Add a value for
	* Add new enumeration literal
	PE_Aliased_Parameters. Update the corresponding integer values
	of all RT_Exception_Code literals.
	* types.h: Add new constant PE_Aliased_Parameters. Correct the
	values of all remaining constants.

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