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[google/gcc-4_7, google/gcc-4_8] Fix non-deterministic output with -gsplit-dwarf

This patch is for the google/gcc-4_7 and google/gcc-4_8 branches.

When using -gsplit-dwarf, we use die_checksum to calculate a hash
over the compilation unit for the DW_AT_dwo_id attribute.  When
hashing location expressions, the hash may include pointers that
can vary from run to run of GCC.  This patch fixes loc_checksum
to use the (already existing) hash_loc_operands function, which
calculates a hash deterministically.

OK for google branches?

Google ref: 9654852

2013-07-02  Cary Coutant  <>

	* dwarf2out.c (loc_checksum): Call hash_loc_operands for a
	deterministic hash.
	(loc_checksum_ordered): Likewise.
	(hash_loc_operands): Remove inline keyword.

Index: gcc/dwarf2out.c
--- gcc/dwarf2out.c	(revision 200619)
+++ gcc/dwarf2out.c	(working copy)
@@ -3618,6 +3618,8 @@ static void gen_scheduled_generic_parms_
 static const char *comp_dir_string (void);
+static hashval_t hash_loc_operands (dw_loc_descr_ref, hashval_t);
 /* enum for tracking thread-local variables whose address is really an offset
    relative to the TLS pointer, which will need link-time relocation, but will
    not need relocation by the DWARF consumer.  */
@@ -6268,11 +6270,12 @@ static inline void
 loc_checksum (dw_loc_descr_ref loc, struct md5_ctx *ctx)
   int tem;
+  hashval_t hash = 0;
   tem = (loc->dtprel << 8) | ((unsigned int) loc->dw_loc_opc);
   CHECKSUM (tem);
-  CHECKSUM (loc->dw_loc_oprnd1);
-  CHECKSUM (loc->dw_loc_oprnd2);
+  hash = hash_loc_operands (loc, hash);
+  CHECKSUM (hash);
 /* Calculate the checksum of an attribute.  */
@@ -6474,9 +6477,12 @@ loc_checksum_ordered (dw_loc_descr_ref l
   /* Otherwise, just checksum the raw location expression.  */
   while (loc != NULL)
+      hashval_t hash = 0;
+      CHECKSUM_ULEB128 (loc->dtprel);
       CHECKSUM_ULEB128 (loc->dw_loc_opc);
-      CHECKSUM (loc->dw_loc_oprnd1);
-      CHECKSUM (loc->dw_loc_oprnd2);
+      hash = hash_loc_operands (loc, hash);
+      CHECKSUM (hash);
       loc = loc->dw_loc_next;
@@ -23399,7 +23405,7 @@ resolve_addr (dw_die_ref die)
 /* Iteratively hash operands of LOC opcode.  */
-static inline hashval_t
+static hashval_t
 hash_loc_operands (dw_loc_descr_ref loc, hashval_t hash)
   dw_val_ref val1 = &loc->dw_loc_oprnd1;

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