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*ping* - Re: Fix some texinfo 5.0 warnings in gcc/doc + libiberty

*ping* Re: [Patch, Fortran, 4.9] Minor FINAL preparation patch

*ping* [patch, fortran, 4.9] Dependency and string length calculation improvements

Re: *ping* [Patch, Fortran] PR35203 - Fix VALUE + OPTIONAL handling for pass-by-value arguments

*Ping* [Patch, libfortran] PR51825 - Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name

Re: [1/2] Document HLE / RTM intrinsics

[4.7, go] Backport godump.c patch

[AArch64, Patch] Implement framework for Tree/Gimple Implementation of NEON intrinsics.

[AArch64-4.7] Fix warning: TARGET_FIXED_CONDITION_CODE_REGS redefined.

[AArch64/AArch64-4.7][libgcc] Silence warnings in sync-cache.c

[AARCH64] Add SHORT scalar load/store using B/H registers

[AARCH64] Add SHORT scalar move

[AArch64] Bitwise adds and subs instructions with shift

[AArch64] Peepholes to generate ldp and stp instructions

[Ada, RFC patch] Fortran Interface: Update comment, add some of the Star/Kind type definitions

[Ada] Fix internal error on aggregate with small misaligned field

[Ada] Fix internal error on loop over array with misaligned index

[Ada] Further tweak for PR ada/52123

[Ada] Minor tweak to Attribute_to_gnu

[Ada] Minor tweak to emit_range_check

[arm/embedded-4_7-branch] Merge with gcc-4_7-branch r196534

[ARM] Fix ICE in minipool handling at -Os

Re: [ARM] Turning off 64bits ops in Neon and gfortran/modulo-scheduling problem

[avr,committed] Fix PR56591

[boehm-gc] Use thr_stksegment to determine Solaris stack base

[build] Default to DWARF 4 on Solaris if linker supports CIEv3

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 55951

[C++ Patch] Clean-up a bit grokdeclarator

[C++ PATCH] Fix -Wdiv-by-zero regression (PR c++/56607)

[C++ PATCH] Fix a pasto in cp_tree_equal

[C++ Patch] Fix some informs following permerror

[C++ Patch] Handle separately <inline> and <constexpr> in grokfndecl error messages

[C++ Patch] PR 51412

[C++ Patch] PR 56534

[C++ Patch] PR 56582

[C++ Patch] PR 56722

[C++ Patch] PR 56725

[C++ Patch] Small grokdeclarator clean up

[C++ Patch] Tiny grokdeclarator clean up


[C++ Patch] Use TYPE_PTR_P and VOID_TYPE_P more often

[C++ testcase, committed] PR 56530

[C++ testcase, committed] PR 56565

[C++ testcase, committed] PR 56611

[C++ testcases, committed] PR 10291, PR 52688

[c++-concepts] Default to C++1y

[c++-concepts] Enable C++11 and concepts by default

[c++-concepts] flag_concepts declaration

[c++-concepts] Merge from trunk

[c++-concepts] Parsing for template requirements

[c++-concepts] Semantic handling of requirements

[C++11][4.9] Add missing REDUC_PLUS_EXPR case to potential_constant_expression_1.

[c++concepts] Reducing requirements

[cilkplus-merge] rewrite __sec_reduce* builtin handling to use <.def> infrastructure

[cilkplus-merge] fix various wrapping issues and correct some docs wording

[cilkplus-merge] Handle generic pretty printing of ARRAY_NOTATION_REF

[cilkplus-merge] test for side effects

[committed] Fix ARM REG_CLASS_NAMES (PR target/56640)

[committed] Fix ICE in strip_typedefs (PR c++/56543)

[committed] Fix up gcc.dg/tree-ssa/pr55579.c test (PR debug/56307)

[committed] Fix up graphite tests for PR53265

[Committed] S/390: Define DWARF2_ASM_LINE_DEBUG_INFO

[Committed] S/390: Define TARGET_FLT_EVAL_METHOD

[committed] Skip compilation of gcc.dg/pr44194-1.c on hppa64-*-*


[committed] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: use pc relative/indirect encoding in eh data

[committed] TILE-Gx: add __insn_shufflebytes1 intrinsic

[committed] TILE-Gx: add atomic test and set pattern

[committed] TILE-Gx: add flags to CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS_S variable.

[committed] TILE-Gx: add float conversion patterns.

[committed] TILE-Gx: fix predicates for vector patterns

[committed] TILE-Gx: fix prologue register usage

[committed] TILE-Gx: fix type attribute for jr

[committed] TILE-Gx: fixes for vector pattern using const 0

[committed] TILE-Gx: speed up code to synthesize a constant

[committed] Use automake no-dist for libsanitizer (PR other/43620)

[committed] Use automake no-dist for libsanitizer, libffi, boehm-gc and libjava/classpath on 4.8 branch (PR other/43620)

Re: [committed] Work around bug in powf function on HP-UX

[committed] xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/pr55579.c on 32-bit hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/vector-4.c on 32-bit hppa*-*-*

[cxx-conversion] RFC - Helper types for building GIMPLE

[doc] Tweak link for AVR-LibC user manual

[Fortran, Patch] Improve documentation of the non-implemented RECORD STRUCTURE extension

[Fortran, RFC patch] Document naming and argument passing convention

[Fortran-dev] Merged trunk into the branch

[Fortran-dev][Patch, committed] Add version field, rename "size" to "elem_len"

[Fortran-dev][Patch, committed] Fix C_F_POINTER

[Fortran-dev][Patch] Add "rank" field and use it

[gomp 4.0] Handle OMP_DISPLAY_ENV

[gomp 4.0] libgomp.texi: Add OMP_DISPLAY_ENV and GOMP_SPINCOUNT

[gomp4] C++ OpenMP 4.0 atomics support

[gomp4] Some progress on C++ OpenMP 4.0 parsing

[google gcc-4_7] change LIPO default module grouping algorithm (issue7490043)

[google/gcc-4_7-mobile] Cherry-pick 196555 - fix broken dependency

[google/gcc-4_7-mobile] Fix inconsistency between Makefile.am and Makefile.in under libstdc++-v3

[google/gcc-4_7-mobile] Merged with google/gcc-4_7

[google/gcc-4_7]Mark expected failures

[google] Add option to emit mapping between module/function id and function name (issue8211043)

[GOOGLE] Fix incorrect dependency in Makefile.in

[GOOGLE] Fix the error when backporting r193857 from trunk

[google][4.7]Using CPU mocks to test code coverage of multiversioned functions

[ira-improv] merged with trunk

[ira-improv] merged with trunk.

Re: [LIBFFI] Re: Re: [PATCH] Add support for PaX enable kernels (MPROTECT)

[libstdc++,doc] Link fixes across the board

[lra] merged with trunk

[lra] Merged with trunk

[lra] patch to fix s390 building

[lra] patch to fix s390 testsuite failures

[lto patch, committed as obvious] PR 56777

Re: [PATCH 1/2] [pr53679] libgo: add a --enable-werror configure flag

[PATCH 1/4] Mark all member functions with memory models always inline

[PATCH 1/n, i386]: Introduce x64 and nox64 isa attributes; merge FP move patterns

[PATCH 2/4] Avoid non constant memory model uses in libatomic

Re: [PATCH 2/n, i386]: Merge TImode and DImode move patterns

[PATCH 3/4] Avoid nonconst memmodels in libitm's local outdated copy of <atomic> too

[PATCH 3/n, i386]: Slightly improve and fix {TF,DF,SF,TI,DI,SI}mode move patterns

[PATCH 4/4] Add warning for non-constant memory models

[PATCH 4/n, i386]: Merge and rewrite MMX move patterns using x64 and nox64 isa attribute

[PATCH 5/n, i386]: Merge *movv2sf_internal and *movv2sf_internal_rex64 with base MMX move pattern

[PATCH 6/n, i386]: Merge *zero_extendsidi2_rex64 with base pattern using x64 and nox64 isa attribute

[PATCH 7/n, i386]: Merge *movdfcc_1_rex64 with base pattern using x64 and nox64 isa attribute

[PATCH 8/n, i386]: Merge insns with zero-extracted arguments with corresponding base insns using nox64 isa attribute

[PATCH 9/n, i386]: Merge *vec_extractv2di_1_rex64 with base pattern using x64 isa attribute

[PATCH AArch64] Make omit-frame-pointer work correctly

[PATCH ARM-Embedded-4_7-branch] fixing incoorect instruction length in checkin r193980

[patch committed] [SH] Fix build failure on sh

[patch committed] [SH] Fix build failure on sh-linux

[patch cygwin64]: Add and adjust some initial sources for x64 cygwin

[PATCH GCC/ARM]Fix rtx cost for Thumb1

FW: [PATCH GCC/pr56124] Don't prefer memory if the source of load operation has side effect

Re: [PATCH GCC]Relax the probability condition in CE pass when optimizing for code size

FW: [PATCH GCC]Relax the probability condition in CE pass when optimizing for code size

[patch i386 windows]: Fix PR/52790 also required for workig upcoming cygwin x64 target

[patch i386]: Treat dllimported symbol as external in predicates

[patch java]: Avoid looping over the end_params_node in put_decl_node

[patch libffi]: Make sure code is position-independent for x64 targets

RE: [PATCH libgcc] Fix ARM uclinux libgcc config order issue

[patch libgcc]: Adjust cygming-crtbegin code to use weak

[patch libgcc]: Prepare cygwin.S file to share code with cygwin64

[patch libstdc++ testsuite]: Add new option dg-additional-options and make use of it for mingw targets

[patch mingw]: Make POSIX-printf for mingw-based builds default

[patch PR middle-end/39326 - compile time and memory explosion in combine

[PATCH RFC] Finer grained reg classes.

[patch sdbout]: Fix regression in sdbout.c

[patch testsuite]: Fix gcc.target/i386 cases for mingw-targets

[patch testsuite]: Fix regressions in gcc-c-torture's builtin-tests using LTO on mingw-targets

[patch testsuite]: Fix some tests for LLP64 targets

[patch testsuite]: Fixes in gcc.dg for mingw-targets

[patch testsuite]: g++.dg

[patch testsuite]: Skip c-c++-common/pr54486.c test for mingw-targets

[PATCH v2] Fix builtin tests for RTEMS targets

[Patch, AArch64] Implement framework for Tree/Gimple Implementation of NEON intrinsics.

RE: [Patch, AArch64] Implement SIMD Absolute Difference Instructions

[PATCH, AArch64] Make MOVK output operand 2 in hex

[PATCH, AArch64] Support EXTR in backend

[PATCH, AArch64] Support ROR in backend

[PATCH, AArch64] Support SBC in the backend

RE: [PATCH, ARM, iWMMXT] Fix define_constants for WCGR

Re: [PATCH, ARM, RFC] Fix vect.exp failures for NEON in big-endian mode

[PATCH, ARM] - Fix for PR56470

[PATCH, ARM] ARM Linux kernel-assisted atomic operation helpers vs. libcall argument promotion

[Patch, ARM] Enable libsanitizer


[PATCH, ARM][1 of 2] Add epilogue dwarf info for shrink-wrap

[PATCH, ARM][2 of 2] Enable shrink-wrap for ARM

[patch, AVR] Add new ATmega*RFR* devices

[PATCH, boehm-gc, AArch64] Add AArch64 support

Re: [PATCH, combine] Fix host-specific behavior in simplify_compare_const()

[patch, committed, wwwdata] Add id="current" to <h2>Current releases</h2> in gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/

[Patch, committed, wwwdocs] Re: Typo in GCC 4.8 release page

[patch, committed] internal documentation for TARGET_OPTION_PRAGMA_PARSE

[patch, fortran, 4.9] Dependency and string length calculation improvements

[patch, fortran, 4.9] Improve efficiency of array constructor operators

[Patch, Fortran, 4.9] Minor FINAL preparation patch

[Patch, fortran, 4.9] Use bool type instead gfc_try

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix another two memory leaks

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix two memory leaks

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Minor libgfortran/ fixes

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 56500: "IMPLICIT CLASS(...)" wrongly rejected

[Patch, fortran] [0/4] PR55574: C binding access to C_PTR type

Re: [Patch, fortran] [0/5] PR54730 ICE: confused by type-like fonctions

[Patch, fortran] [1/4] C binding access to C_PTR type: preliminary cleanups

[Patch, fortran] [2/4] C binding access to C_PTR type: use gfc_get_iso_c_binding_dt

[Patch, fortran] [3/4] C binding access to C_PTR type: don't do name lookup in gen_special_c_interop_ptr

[Patch, fortran] [4/4] C binding access to C_PTR type: main fix

[Patch, Fortran] C Binding - module+intrinsic cleanup+bug fixes

[Patch, fortran] Module loading improvements part 1/3

[Patch, fortran] optimize string comparison

[Patch, Fortran] PR35203 - Fix VALUE + OPTIONAL handling for pass-by-value arguments

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR51976 - [F2003] Support deferred-length character components of derived types (allocatable string length)

[Patch, fortran] PR56477 ICE on pointer assignment checking

[Patch, Fortran] PR56615 - Wrong-code with TRANSFER of noncontiguous arrays

[Patch, Fortran] PR56649 - do more simplification of MERGE

[Patch, Fortran] PR56650/36437 - Add compile-time simplification for (c_)sizeof, storage_size

[Patch, Fortran] PR56696 - Fix EOF detection for listed-directed real_read

[Patch, Fortran] PR56735 - Fix namelist read regression with "?"

[Patch, Fortran] PR56737 - Fixing a bug in the I/O format cache handling

[Patch, fortran] Use memcmp for string comparisons a bit more

[patch, fortran] Use memcmp() for string comparison for constant-length kind=1 strings

Re: [PATCH, generic] Support printing of escaped curly braces and vertical bar in assembler output

[PATCH, go] Passing Complex64 and Complex128 values via reflect.Call (using libffi) introduces ABI mismatch

[PATCH, i386, AVX2] Fix intrinsic name for _mm256_broadcastsi128_si256

[PATCH, i386]: Add a couple of missing MMX move alternatives

[PATCH, i386]: Emit insn template of move insn depending on insn type attribute

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR56656, Suffix or operands invalid for 'movq'

[PATCH, i386]: Small adjustment of *movdi_internal pattern

Re: [Patch, libfortran, 2nd version] PR 48618 - Negative unit number in OPEN(...) is sometimes allowed

Re: [Patch, libfortran] Get rid of "enum try"

[Patch, libfortran] PR 52512 - Cannot match namelist object name

[Patch, libfortran] PR51825 - Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name

[Patch, libgfortran] [4.6/4.7/4.8/4.9 Regression] Namelist read fails with designators containing embedded spaces

[Patch, microblaze]: Add -fstack-usage support

[Patch, microblaze]: Add atomic builtin implementation

[Patch, microblaze]: Add MicroBlaze TLS configure support

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add microblaze_legitimate_pic_operand method

[Patch, microblaze]: Add SIZE_TYPE and PTRDIFF_TYPE to microblaze.h

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add support for swap instructions and reorder option

[Patch, microblaze]: Add support for TLS in MicroBlaze

[Patch, microblaze]: Add TARGET_ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK to support varargs thunk

RE: [Patch, microblaze]: Added fast_interrupt controller

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Dont allow unsupported target rtx into call_internal1

[Patch, microblaze]: Enable DWARF exception handling support

[Patch, microblaze]: Extend jump insn to accept bri to SYMBOL_REFS

[Patch, microblaze]: Remove SECONDARY_MEMORY_NEEDED

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Setup stack protection at entry.

[patch, mips] Patch to control the use of integer madd/msub instructions

[PATCH, powerpc, applied] Fix powerpc type attribute for PRE_MODIFY and combine decimal/binary floating point loads

[patch, testsuite] Obvious patch for gcc.dg/pr56396.c

Re: [PATCH, updated] Vtable pointer verification, C++ front end changes (patch 1 of 3)

Re: [PATCH, updated] Vtable pointer verification, main gcc changes (patch 2 of 3)

Re: [PATCH, updated] Vtable pointer verification, runtime library changes (patch 3 of 3)

[Patch, wwwdocs, committed] was: Re: TYPO - http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.8/changes.html

Re: [PATCH,ARM] Peephole individual LDR/STD into LDRD/STRD

Re: [PATCH,ARM][3/n] Split various patterns

Re: [PATCH,ARM][4/n] Add negdi_extend patterns

Re: [PATCH,ARM][5/n] Split shift di patterns

Re: [PATCH,ARM][6/n] Split min and max patterns

[Patch,AVR]: Fix PR56263

[Patch,avr]: Speed up 64-bit shifts in libgcc

[Patch/ARM] Cortex-M4 core pipeline patch to tune LDR/STR pairs

RE: FW: [PATCH] [MIPS] microMIPS gcc support

[patch] [python libstdc++ printers] Fix gdb/15195

Re: [PATCH] Add -pthread option for RTEMS

[Patch] Add microMIPS jraddiusp support

[patch] Add new enum to include/dwarf2.h

[PATCH] Add script to contrib to format email body and patch for submission

[PATCH] Another BLOCK issue - PR56570

[PATCH] Avoid a few find_base_term calls in alias.c

[PATCH] Avoid extending lifetime of likely spilled hard regs in ifcvt before reload (PR rtl-optimization/56484)

[PATCH] Avoid too complex debug insns during expansion (PR debug/56510)

[PATCH] Avoid warning when unused attribute applied to C++ member variables (issue8212043)

Re: [PATCH] C++ math constants

[patch] cilkplus array notation for C (clean, independent patchset, take 1)

[patch] cilkplus: Array notation for C patch

[PATCH] Cleanup set_mem_attributes_minus_bitpos align handling

Re: [PATCH] Compute and emit working set information from gcov-dump (issue6940061)

[PATCH] Count -Werror promoted warnings separately (PR middle-end/48087)

[PATCH] cpuid check code in libgcc, fix cpuinfo code for sandybridge detection

Re: [patch] df-scan: split df_insn_delete for clearer dumps and better speed

[PATCH] Don't warn for signed 1-bit enum bitfields (PR c/56566)

[PATCH] dwarf2out.c (size_of_aranges): Skip DECL_IGNORED_P functions.

Re: [PATCH] Enable non-complex math builtins from C99 for Bionic

[PATCH] Exchange late VRP and DOM passes

[PATCH] Fix -Og and TER

[PATCH] Fix -print-multi-os-directory for aarch64

[PATCH] Fix -Wformat-security warning in arm.c

Re: [PATCH] Fix ???s in find_uses_to_rename and vect_transform_loop

[PATCH] Fix another BLOCK issue

[PATCH] Fix builtin tests for RTEMS targets

[PATCH] Fix cp_parser_braced_list

[PATCH] Fix cselim ICE (PR tree-optimization/56635)

[PATCH] Fix discover_iteration_bound_by_body_walk memory leaks (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix expand_cond_expr_using_cmove (PR middle-end/56548)

[PATCH] Fix for mov<mode>_internal pattern

[PATCH] Fix g++.dg/debug/dwarf2/thunk1.C on darwin

[patch] Fix ICE during RTL expansion at -O1

[PATCH] Fix inlining of calls with NULL block (PR56515)

[PATCH] Fix install-plugin on arm and aarch64

[PATCH] Fix install-plugin with vxworks-dummy.h (PR plugins/45078)

[PATCH] Fix IRA memory leak (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix leaks in vectorizable_shift (PR middle-end/56461)

Re: [PATCH] Fix libcpp memory leak (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix libcpp PCH related memory leaks (PR middle-end/56461)

[patch] fix libstdc++/56170

[patch] fix libstdc++/56492

[patch] fix libstdc++/56613

[PATCH] Fix lots of uninitialized memory uses in sched_analyze_reg

[PATCH] Fix lots of uninitialized memory uses in sched_analyze_reg (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix memory leak due to destroy_loop_vec_info (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in diagnostic.c (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in tree_estimate_loop_size (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in vect_create_vectorized_promotion_stmts (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in vectorizable_conversion (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix memory leaks in ldist_gen (PR middle-end/56461)

[patch] Fix node weight updates during ipa-cp (issue7812053)

[patch] Fix PR 55364: ICE in remove_addr_table_entry with -gsplit-dwarf

[PATCH] Fix PR 55473

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/56424

[PATCH] Fix PR37021 (well...)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR3713

RE: [PATCH] Fix PR50293 - LTO plugin with space in path

[PATCH] Fix PR50494 in a different way

[PATCH] Fix PR56270

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR56344

[PATCH] Fix PR56434

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR56478

[PATCH] Fix PR56483

[PATCH] Fix PR56521

[PATCH] Fix PR56525

[PATCH] Fix PR56605

[PATCH] Fix PR56608

[PATCH] Fix PR56661

[PATCH] Fix PR56689

[PATCH] Fix PR56694

[PATCH] Fix PR56695 + adjust verify_gimple_comparison

[PATCH] Fix PR56756

[PATCH] Fix PTA dumping ICEs

[PATCH] Fix reassoc ICE (PR tree-optimization/56559)

Re: [PATCH] Fix remainder of PR bootstrap/56258 on gcc-4_6-branch

[PATCH] Fix sel-sched memory leak (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix uninitialized pp->flags

[PATCH] Fix up adjust_return_value_with_ops (PR tree-optimization/56539)

[PATCH] Fix up simplify_truncation (PR rtl-optimization/56494)

[PATCH] Fix update-ssa issue with -g vs. -g0 (PR56294)

[PATCH] Fix valgrind checking bootstrap with PCH (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix vect_create_epilog_for_reduction memory leaks (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix vect_supported_load_permutation_p memory leak (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix vectorizable_store memory leaks (PR middle-end/56461)

[PATCH] Fix vectorizer fallout

[PATCH] Handle SLP group loads with trailing gaps

[PATCH] Handle string/character search functions in PTA / oracle

[patch] Hash table changes from cxx-conversion branch

Re: [PATCH] Improve debug info for various cases where we drop location info on the floor (PR debug/55608)

[PATCH] Incorporate INLINE_HINT_array_index in IPA-CP heuristics

[PATCH] Introduce -Waggressive-loop-optimizations (PR tree-optimization/53265)

[PATCH] libgcc: Add DWARF info to aeabi_ldivmod and aeabi_uldivmod

[patch] Make dse.c dumps less verbose unless dumping details

[patch] make gcse.c respect -fno-gcse-lm

[PATCH] Make get_or_create_ssa_default_def consistently use the fn parameter

[PATCH] Make ipa_read_jump_function use ipa_set_jf_* helpers

[PATCH] Make LIM depend list a vec

[patch] minor bitmap.c GATHER_STATISTICS fix-ups

[patch] minor, obvious cleanup in df-core.c

Re: [PATCH] MIPS: MIPS32r2 FP MADD instruction set support

[PATCH] Move opts_{obstack,concat} from opts.c to opts-common.c (PR bootstrap/56509)

Re: [patch] Performance patch for MIPS conditional move in expr.c

Re: [PATCH] PowerPC merge TD/TF moves

[patch] PR c++/55135

[patch] PR middle-end/39326 - limit LIM

Re: [PATCH] PR55033: Fix

[patch] PR56729


[PATCH] Pushing out more LIM TLC patches

[PATCH] Re-organize toplevel LIM dependence query

[PATCH] Remove LIM all_refs_in_loop bitmaps

[PATCH] Remove the PR 55334 IPA-CP hack

[PATCH] Remove the reference dependence check cache from LIM

[patch] Remove unused code from dse.c.

[patch] Remove unused ivtype_map symbols from sese.[hc]

[patch] Remove unused symbols.



[PATCH] Rewrite mem-ref locs and iteration over it in LIM

[PATCH] Silence up a false positive warning in libiberty (PR middle-end/56526)

[PATCH] Simplify -fwhole-program documentation

[PATCH] Skip some vect tests on AIX.

[PATCH] SLSR for conditional candidates

[PATCH] Sort targets alphabetically

[PATCH] Speedup PTA

[PATCH] Speedup tree LIM some more

[patch] Stop using JUMP_INSN for jump table data

[PATCH] Streamline loop verifier, make it less prone to ICE

[PATCH] Sync copy_tree_body_r with remap_gimple_op_r

[PATCH] Teach IPA-CP to make calls direct based on contents of aggregates

[PATCH] Tiny make check-gcc parallelization improvement

[PATCH] track heap usage with -fmem-report

[patch] Unified debug dump function names.

[PATCH] Unify LIM unanalyzed mem-ref

[PATCH] Update changes.html about -Wno-aggressive-loop-optimizations

[PATCH] Update {i386,i486,x86_64,powerpc{,64},s390,s390x}-linux-gnu{,/32} baseline_symbols.txt files

[PATCH] Use gcc_checking_assert in as_a

[patch] Use JUMP_TABLE_DATA_P instead of JUMP_P and GET_CODE tests

[patch] Use NOTE_P, CALL_P, etc. instead of GET_CODE in a bunch of files

[PATCH] Vectorizer TLC

[PATCH] Verify DECL_DEBUG/VALUE_EXPR have no associated blocks

Re: [PATCH] Vtable pointer verification (corruption/attach detection -- new feature

[patch]: Add configure and required host/target definitions for new cygwin x64 target

[PATCH][0/n] tree LIM TLC - series part for backporting, limit LIM

[PATCH][01/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add command line option

[PATCH][02/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add new reg-note REG_CALL_DECL

[PATCH][03/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add implicit parameter to find_all_hard_reg_sets

[PATCH][04/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add TARGET_FN_OTHER_HARD_REG_USAGE hook

[PATCH][05/10] -fuse-caller-save - Implement TARGET_FN_OTHER_HARD_REG_USAGE hook for ARM

[PATCH][06/10] -fuse-caller-save - Collect register usage information

[PATCH][07/10] -fuse-caller-save - Use collected register usage information

[PATCH][08/10] -fuse-caller-save - Enable by default at O2 and higher

[PATCH][09/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add documentation

[PATCH][1/n] tree LIM TLC

Re: [PATCH][1/n] Vectorizer TLC: re-organize data dependence checking

[PATCH][10/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add test-case

[PATCH][2/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][3/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][4.8][4.7][4.6] Make -shared-libgcc the default on Cygwin.

[PATCH][4/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][5/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][6/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][7/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][8/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][9/n] tree LIM TLC

[PATCH][AARCH64] Restrict "m" constraint for narrow moves

Re: [PATCH][ARM] GCC command line support for Cortex-R7

[PATCH][ARM] Handle unordered comparison cases in NEON vcond

[PATCH][ARM] minmax_arithsi for non-canonical operand order with MINUS operator

RE: [PATCH][ARM] use vsel instruction for floating point conditional moves in ARMv8

RE: [PATCH][ARM][1/2] Load-acquire, store-release atomics in AArch32 ARMv8

RE: [PATCH][ARM][2/2] Load-acquire, store-release atomics in AArch32 ARMv8

[patch][cilkplus-merge] Fix a bug in one of the test cases

[PATCH][Cilkplus] Build Cilk Runtime for non x86.

[patch][doc] document JUMP_TABLE_DATA

Re: [PATCH][IRA] Analysis of register usage of functions for usage by IRA.

[patch][RFC] bitmaps as lists *or* trees

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Fix PR56113 more

[PATCH][RFC] Remove TODO_ggc_collect, collect unconditionally

Re: [PATCH][www] Add loop case to non-bugs in bugs.html

[ping] Re: [patch] [libffi] do not install libffi library, headers and documentation

[PING][PATCH,ARM] Peephole individual LDR/STD into LDRD/STRD

RE: [PING^1] [AArch64] Implement Bitwise AND and Set Flags

[PING^2] [AArch64] Implement Bitwise AND and Set Flags

Re: [PING^5] PR 54805: __gthread_tsd* in vxlib-tls.c

Re: [PING^5] PR 54805: __gthread_tsd* in vxlib-tls.c

Re: [RFC PATCH] Implementing ifunc target hook

[RTL, i386] Use subreg instead of UNSPEC_CAST

[rtl, i386] vec_merge simplification

[RTL] Canonicalize commutative operations more

Re: [rtl] combine a vec_concat of 2 vec_selects from the same vector

[SH, 4.7, committed] Backport fix for m2a-single-only multilib

[SH, committed] PR 56529 - Calls to __sdivsi3_i4i and __udivsi3_i4i are generated on SH2

[SH] PR 40797 testcase

[SH] PR 49880 - Fix some more -mdiv option issues

[SH] PR 55303 - Add basic support for SH2A clip insns

[SPARC] Minor tweaks

[SPARC] Remove -mlittle-endian from SPARC options

[testsuite,committed] Fix 16-bit int test (PR52641)

[testsuite,committed]: Fix two tests.

Re: [testsuite] Adding -fno-pic to certain tests

[testsuite] Cap VLEN in gcc.c-torture/execute/20011008-3.c

Re: [testsuite] Disabling gcc.dg/cpp/trad/include.c for Android

[testsuite] Don't XFAIL gfortran.dg/do_1.f90 (PR fortran/54932)

Re: [testsuite] Remove dg-excess-errors in gcc.dg/inline_[34].c and unroll_[234].c

[trunk][google/gcc47]Add dependence of configure-target-libmudflap on configure-target-libstdc++-v3 (issue7740043)

[v3] bits/memoryfwd.h

[v3] doc/html regen

Re: [v3] Filter out basever symbols on Solaris

[v3] libstdc++/55979 (+ notes about 55977)

[v3] libstdc++/56609

[v3] Tweak a recent testcase vs -Wunused

[var-template] Accept variable template declaration

[wwwdocs, patch, committed] Update link to the 4.8.0 status report

[wwwdocs,Ada] Fix four links and adjust one in readings.html

[wwwdocs,committed] Add gomp-4_0-branch to svn.html

[wwwdocs,Java] Link maintenance on java/done.html

[wwwdocs] 4.8.0 libstdc++ links

[wwwdocs] Adjust power.org reference in readings.html

[wwwdocs] comeaucomputing.com is gone

[wwwdocs] Fix projects/cxx-reflection/index.html link to our SVN page

[wwwdocs] ftp.axis.se only works via http these days

[wwwdocs] gcc-3.1/criteria.html links maintenance

[wwwdocs] gcc-4.8/porting_to.html

[wwwdocs] Mention fixed SH -mdiv option for 4.8 and 4.7

[wwwdocs] projects/tree-ssa/index.html -- remove broken link

[wwwdocs] readings.html: update link to AVR documentation

[wwwdocs] Remove i960 from readings.html

[wwwdocs] Remove mirrors-us.seosue.com from mirrors.html

[wwwdocs] testing/testing-qt.html link update

[wwwdocs] Two more broken links in readings.html

[wwwdocs] Update Blackfin reference in readings.html

[wwwdocs] Update for two entries in frontends.html

[wwwdocs] x86-64.org seems/is gone

__sdivsi3_i4i and __udivsi3_i4i called for sh2 variant.

Add Go notes for GCC 4.8 release

Adding myself as Write After Approval maintainer

BUILD PATCH: Support source file with .cc extension

C++ PATCH for c++/17232 (abstract class, array and sfinae)

C++ PATCH for c++/45282 (wrong decltype of .*)

C++ PATCH for c++/45917 (missing access error with template-id nested-name-specifier)

C++ PATCH for c++/52014 (decltype and members of the enclosing class of a lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/52374 (ICE with call to base memfn in lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/52597 (misleading diagnostic for wrong use of member function)

C++ PATCH for c++/52748 (N3276 change to decltype of function call)

C++ PATCH for c++/54277 (wrong cv-quals in lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/54359 ('this' in trailing-return-type with out-of-class method defn)

C++ PATCH for c++/54532 (constexpr ptrmem)

C++ PATCH for c++/54764, 55972 (lambda in class but non-function context)

C++ PATCH for c++/54835 (value-list-initialization and explicit constructors)

C++ PATCH for c++/54946 (ICE on invalid pointer template argument)

C++ PATCH for c++/55017 (rvalue ref and defaulted copy constructor)

C++ PATCH for c++/55240 (local variable and nsdmi)

C++ PATCH for c++/55241 (wrong dumping of sizeof...)

C++ PATCH for c++/55357 (-Wshadow and lambdas)

C++ PATCH for c++/55931 (ICE with non-dependent constexpr call in template)

C++ PATCH for c++/56039 (ICE with lambda in template argument)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/56095 (ICE on invalid function pointer template argument)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/56238 (ice-checking with static_cast)

C++ PATCH for c++/56346 (thread_local3.C link error on targets without __dso_handle)

C++ PATCH for c++/56447 (wrong lambda conversion op in templates)

C++ PATCH for c++/56464 (ICE with lambda capturing 'this' in NSDMI)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/56481 (time hog with repeated &&)

C++ PATCH for c++/56567 (ICE with lambda returning init-list)

C++ PATCH for c++/56614 (bogus error with initializer list in default argument)

C++ PATCH for c++/56679 (sizeof... of template template parameter pack)

C++ PATCH for c++/56684 (ICE with const local in template)

C++ PATCH for c++/56699 (ICE with sizeof member of unrelated class in lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/56701 (treating 'this' as an rvalue)

C++ PATCH for c++/56710 (ICE with local variable __t in lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/56728 (ICE with bogus constexpr function)

C++ PATCH for c++/56749 (wrongly treating scoped enums as dependent)

C++ PATCH for c++/56774 (jumbled variadic template args)

C++ PATCH for DR 657 (abstract classes and sfinae)

C++ PATCH for various lambda bugs (51494, 51884, 56222, 51884)

C++ PATCH to implement N3582 changes to proposed C++14 return type deduction

C++ PATCH to lambda parsing

C++ PATCH to use the same anonymous namespace name on all targets

C++ PATCH: Fix typo in documentation

C++ PATCH: use C++ semantics for inline functions (defined in headers)

C++ PATCH: use identifier_p instead of naked TREE_CODE == IDENTIFIER_NODE

C++ PATCH: use INDIRECT_REF_P more often

C++ PATCH: use VAR_OR_FUNCTION_DECL_P more often

C++ PATCH: Use VAR_P instead of direct TREE_CODE (t) == VAR_DECL

Commit: MN10300: Add missing comment line

Commit: XStormy16: Remove spurious backslash

Compute precise counter histogram at LTO

Constant folding of VEC_COND_EXPR

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.8-b20130224.de.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.8-b20130224.fi.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.8-b20130224.ja.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.8.0.vi.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.8.0.zh_TW.po'

Re: Convert arm-rtems to EABI on 4.6 and 4.7 branches

Do not disable -fomit-frame-pointer on !ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS targets

Do not output references from external vtables into LTO symbol table

Re: do not pass PR_INSTRUMENTEDCODE if there is no instrumentation

DOC PATCH: document var-template branch

DWARF2 patch for debug/49090

Re: extend fwprop optimization

Extract Thousands of Emails in minutes with this free software!

Fill more delay slots in conditional returns

Re: Fix a MinGW warning in libiberty/setenv.c

Fix bug in reload_combine with simple returns

Fix bug with simple returns on cc0 targets

Fix combiner bug with 4th insn

Fix ICE building Mozilla with LTO

Fix libstdc++/56002

Fix libstdc++/56468

Fix PR/56490

Fix RTL checking failure in return value code

Fix sharing of clobbers

Fix vector C++11 allocator bug

Fold VEC_COND_EXPR to abs, min, max

Fox a MinGW warning in libiberty/setenv.c

Re: GCC 4.8.0 does not compile for DJGPP

GCC 4.9.0 Status Report (2012-03-16), Stage 1 starts now

Google Groups: You've been added to jordanads2029

i * i is nonnegative

Invoice #0175636

more distributions

New Chinese (traditional) PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.8.0)

New Finnish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.8-b20130224)

New German PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.8-b20130224)

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.8-b20130224)

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.8.0)

New Japanese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.8-b20130224)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.8-b20130224)

New template for 'cpplib' made available

New template for 'gcc' made available

New Vietnamese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.8.0)

Re: Patch for 4.7: Avoid subreg'ing VFP D registers in big-endian mode

Patch ping

Re: patch to fix constant math - 4th patch - the wide-int class - patch ping for the next stage 1

Re: patch to fix constant math - first small patch - patch ping for the next stage 1

Re: patch to fix constant math - second small patch -patch ping for next stage 1

Re: patch to fix constant math - third patch - what is left for next stage 1

PATCH: PR plugins/56754 some missing plugin headers during installation in gcc 4.8

Re: PATCH: PR target/56560: [4.6/4.7 regression] vzeroupper clobbers argument with AVX

PATCH: Restore GCC 4.7 bootstrap on x86

Ping on PowerPC PR55033

Ping*2: [PATCH][ARM] GCC command line support for Cortex-R7

Ping: [PATCH][ARM] GCC command line support for Cortex-R7

PING: Re: do not pass PR_INSTRUMENTEDCODE if there is no instrumentation


RE: PR target/52555: attribute optimize is overriding command line options

Re: Property for vector lowering

Re: r196201 - in /trunk: gcc/ChangeLog gcc/config/i...

Record missing equivalence

RFA: RL78: Improve prologues for interrupt handlers

Re: RFC: Add ADD_RESTRICT tree code

Re: RFC: add some static probes to libstdc++

RFC: color diagnostics markers

Re: SLP for vectors

Small C++ PATCH to grokdeclarator

Small C++ PATCH to lookup_base

Stream stmt histograms for LTO

von Mises distribution improvement

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