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Re: C++ PATCH: use C++ semantics for inline functions (defined in headers)

Marc Glisse <> writes:

| On Thu, 28 Mar 2013, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > C++ has a much more predictable semantics for inline functions, so we no
| > longer need to define them (especially in header files) with the
| > 'static' specifier.  The upshot is that when the compiler fails to
| > inline a call in a given translation unit, it keeps only one copy in the
| > entire program, instead of multiple copies (as the 'static' specifier
| > would have implied.)
| >
| > With this patch, there is 2K reduction in size for cc1plus.
| > Applying to trunk.  Tested on an x86_64-suse-linux.
| Hi,
| the size reduction looks nice, should the same be applied throughout the
| compiler?

Yes, ideally this should be done throught the entire compiler, except
for the headers/functions that are still shared with the runtime
compiled with a C compiler.

| I didn't check if the cxx-conversion branch already does it.

No, it does not do it -- at least when I checked.

-- Gaby

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