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*ping* Re: [Patch, Fortran, 4.9] Minor FINAL preparation patch

*** PING ***
The patch is rather simple and almost three weeks old ... Even if it is mostly a no-op patch (as long as FINAL is disabled), I'd like to get it out of my tree.


On March 27, 2013 10:53, Tobias Burnus wrote:
** PING **

And an updated patch. Changes:
- Updated isym handling due to the ISO_C_BINDING patch
- Fixed some bugs in the generated code for finalizing arrays (mainly missing gfc_copy_expr)

Build and tested on x86-64-gnu-linux.
OK for the trunk?


PS: Regarding true FINAL support: The current draft patch* mostly works, except for: Polymorphic arrays aren't deallocated at the end of the scope (old bug), allocatables are wrongly finalized at the end of the main program, and for allocatable,intent(out), no finalization is done. After those issues are fixed and some code cleanup has be done, the patch should be ready.

On March 13, 2013 11:26 a.m., Tobias Burnus wrote:
Dear all,

this small patch fixes some small issues with the current FINAL implementation, which is still disabled. Namely:

(a) class.c: TRANSFER has an optional size= argument; if one doesn't has an actual-argument (which can be expr == NULL), it segfaults. (b) class.c: SIZE needs to return an index-size-kind integer not a default-kind integer (tree checking error, but potentially also wrong code) (c) trans.c: Scalar coarrays (with -fcoarray=lib) were mishandled - they also use an array descriptor

Build and regtested on x86-64-gnu-linux.

(I target 4.9 with this patch; in principle, it could also be applied to 4.8: The code is not used, yet, and thus it shouldn't harm on 4.8 but there is also no benefit.)

The full patch, which enables finalization and regtests is available at: â The patch still requires some clean up. In addition, finalization (with a user FINAL subroutine) is mishandled for allocatable INTENT(OUT) as gfortran handles it (at least partially) in the caller (trans-expr.c's gfc_conv_procedure_call) and not in the callee (trans-decl.c). That will lead to not finalizing and segfaults at run time. There are more issues, but for an experimental implementation, fixing this issue should be enough. (Note: the .mod version should be bumped to force recompilation, which is required due to the ABI change of the vtable.)


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