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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR50293 - LTO plugin with space in path

Joey Ye schrieb:

Subject: RE: [PATCH] Fix PR50293 - LTO plugin with space in path

Does this patch also work with MS-Windows as host, i.e. with \ as path separator?

+static char * convert_white_space(char * orig);
Please fix formatting in many places in this patch to follow the GNU
Coding Standards.  No space after '*', but space before '('; there
be various other formatting problems as well.
My bad. All fixed.

+/* Insert back slash before spaces in a string, to avoid path
+   that has space in it broken into multiple arguments.  */
That doesn't seem to be a proper specification of the interface to
function. What are the semantics of ORIG? A string that is a
or something else? What are the exact semantics of the return value
quoting - is it correct for the function to convert a (backslash,
pair to (backslash, backslash, space) or not?  Is anything special in
return value other than backslash and space, and how are any special
characters in the return value to be interpreted?

As it seems like this function frees the argument (why?) this also
to be specified in the comment as part of the semantics of the
This function might need a string longer than original one to
additional back slashes. So it has to xmalloc a new string. The original
string should be freed in such a case. However, it is tedious to caller
to figure out that conversion does happens and free the orig. The
is for this function to free it when conversion happens.

By doing so it is required that orig must be allocated and can be freed,
as the newly added comments described explicitly.
It would be a good idea for you to give a more detailed explanation in
next version of the patch submission of how the path, before the patch,
got processed so that the spaces were wrongly interpreted.  That might
help make clearer whether the interface to this new function is
correct, since the subsequent operations on the return value should
an inverse to the operation carried out by this function.

Joseph S. Myers
Index: gcc/gcc.c
--- gcc/gcc.c	(revision 195189)
+++ gcc/gcc.c	(working copy)
@@ -265,6 +265,7 @@
 static const char *compare_debug_auxbase_opt_spec_function (int, const
char **);
 static const char *pass_through_libs_spec_func (int, const char **);
 static const char *replace_extension_spec_func (int, const char **);
+static char * convert_white_space (char *);

/* The Specs Language

@@ -6595,6 +6596,7 @@
 				    X_OK, false);
   if (lto_wrapper_file)
+      lto_wrapper_file = convert_white_space (lto_wrapper_file);
       lto_wrapper_spec = lto_wrapper_file;
       obstack_init (&collect_obstack);
       obstack_grow (&collect_obstack, "COLLECT_LTO_WRAPPER=",
@@ -7005,12 +7007,13 @@
 			      + strlen (fuse_linker_plugin), 0))
-	      linker_plugin_file_spec = find_a_file (&exec_prefixes,
+	      char * temp_spec = find_a_file (&exec_prefixes,
-	      if (!linker_plugin_file_spec)
+	      if (!temp_spec)
 		fatal_error ("-fuse-linker-plugin, but %s not found",
+	      linker_plugin_file_spec = convert_white_space (temp_spec);
 	  lto_gcc_spec = argv[0];
@@ -8506,3 +8509,52 @@
   free (name);
   return result;
+/* Insert back slash before spaces in orig (usually a file path), to
+   avoid being broken by spec parser.
+   This function is needed as do_spec_1 treats white space (' ' and
+   as the end of an argument. But in case of -plugin /usr/gcc
+   the filename should be treated as a single argument rather than
+   broken into multiple. Solution is to insert '\\' before the space in
+   filename.
+   This function converts and only converts all occurrance of ' '
+   to '\\' + ' ' and '\t' to '\\' + '\t'.  For example:
+   "a b"  -> "a\\ b"
+   "a  b" -> "a\\ \\ b"
+   "a\tb" -> "a\\\tb"
+   "a\\ b" -> "a\\\\ b"
+   orig: input null-terminating string that was allocated by xalloc.
+   memory it points to might be freed in this function. Behavior
+   if orig isn't xalloced or is freed already at entry.
+   Return: orig if no conversion needed. orig if conversion needed but
+   sufficient memory for a new string. Otherwise a newly allocated
+   that was converted from orig.  */
+static char * convert_white_space (char *orig)
+  int len, number_of_space = 0;
+  if (orig == NULL) return orig;
+  for (len=0; orig[len]; len++)
+    if (orig[len] == ' ' || orig[len] == '\t') number_of_space ++;
+  if (number_of_space)
+    {
+      char * new_spec = (char *)xmalloc (len + number_of_space + 1);
+      int j,k;
+      if (new_spec == NULL) return orig;
+      for (j=0, k=0; j<=len; j++, k++)
+	{
+	  if (orig[j] == ' ' || orig[j] == '\t') new_spec[k++] = '\\';
+	  new_spec[k] = orig[j];
+	}
+      free (orig);
+      return new_spec;
+  }
+  else return orig;

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