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[Patch, fortran] PR56477 ICE on pointer assignment checking


I'm testing the attached patch which fixes the PR56477 test case.

Will commit as obvious tonight.


Attachment: pr56477.CL
Description: Text document

Index: fortran/expr.c
--- fortran/expr.c	(révision 196416)
+++ fortran/expr.c	(copie de travail)
@@ -3732,7 +3732,7 @@ gfc_check_pointer_assign (gfc_expr *lvalue, gfc_ex
 	  && rvalue->symtree->n.sym->ns->proc_name->attr.flavor != FL_PROCEDURE
 	  && rvalue->symtree->n.sym->ns->proc_name->attr.flavor != FL_PROGRAM)
        for (ns = rvalue->symtree->n.sym->ns;
-	    ns->proc_name && ns->proc_name->attr.flavor != FL_PROCEDURE;
+	    ns && ns->proc_name && ns->proc_name->attr.flavor != FL_PROCEDURE;
 	    ns = ns->parent)
 	if (ns->parent == lvalue->symtree->n.sym->ns)
 	  warn = true;

! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/56477
! The pointer target live range checking code using to trigger an ICE on
! the following
! Contributed by Andrew Benson <>
module s
  function so()
    implicit none
    integer, target  :: so
    integer, pointer :: sp
    sp => so
  end function So
end module s

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